Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bars in Cuernavaca, Mexico, be careful international students...

There was an article in the paper a few days ago explaining that the local universities were distributing leaflets to their international students.  They were warning them about some of the local hangouts that students like to attend on weekends.  Some of these bars are managed or have employees that are known criminals, and like to slip innocent young ladies drugged cocktails.

One of the worst places mentioned is called "El Bull".  Recently two young ladies were given free shooters from the waiters/bartenders.  One of them got extremely sick and ran to the washroom, and went home.  The other woke up in someone's apartment the next morning, and she had been raped.

It really upsets me in Mexico that all of these criminals get away with their crimes, in general, then they complain that tourism is decreasing and their incomes are going down.  Don't you think that if the Government actually protected international visitors, and prosecuted these predators and violators, that people might again want to visit this beautiful country and actually feel safe here.

I have said in the past that people visiting Mexico have to be aware of their surroundings to protect themselves while visiting here;  but there reaches a point where it is just not a good idea to visit here at all.  If the lawlessness continues much longer down here, tourism will be a distant memory, not one of Mexico's largest industries.

Here is a link to the article.  Please feel free to share, particularly if you have a child attending university in Cuernavaca.

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