Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I feel sorry for stars today, particularly the young ones.

Generally I don't like to read the news about what all the movie and music stars are doing, but we are absolutely inundated with their daily stories.  Come on magazines and TV, they are really not that important.  I actually feel sorry for their lives being lived in a fishbowl.

Justin Bieber is a perfect example.  As far as I can see, he is too young and has not been prepared well enough for a life in the fast lane.  He is like a child drowning in a sea of popularity, and instead of throwing him a life ring, people throw him money.  Miley Cyrus is another good example of this.  What exactly have their parents done to prepare them for the lives they are now leading?  I can only guess.

Watching their antics in the news and on TV saddens me.  Was it their lack of upbringing that has made them act the way they are;  or did they totally ignore or rebel against their parents advice and decide to make their own life decisions?  Whatever the reason, they are definitely not the role models I want for my children and grandchildren.  However, I can use their actions to teach my family what NOT to do, and how NOT to act.

I hope the money they make is worth it.