Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Starting the last chapter of Book #2...

"A Time Before Facebook - Ghosts and Skeletons"  I have received a sketch of the new cover and I think it keeps with the theme of the series.  We'll see what it looks like when it is completed and in color.  Hopefully this second book in the series will be ready for publishing in the next couple of months.  I can't wait to get started writing Book #3.  Maybe I can get most of it written before I return to Canada for the summer.  Now if I can find something important to say in my blogs besides my writing.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Two more Canadians killed in Mexico. It is so sad.

This is my third winter in Mexico writing books, and I must say I love it here.  Not only the weather is beautiful, I absolutely love the people and the food.  But living here can be very dangerous, particularly if you display any kind of wealth.  This applies to both Canadians and Mexicans.

My landlord here lives in a nice neighborhood in Cuernavaca, he has a good income, but is very careful to not display or announce in public his station in life.  He even goes as far as driving an old 1996 Dodge Neon (in great mechanical shape) so that he does not attract attention.  The house we live in has 15 foot walls all around it with wire on top and an electric metal car gate in front.  It is on a completely secure cul-de-sac with a 15 foot gate at the entrance and 24 hour guards.  All along the street outside, there is a guard all night on each street corner.  The entire neighborhood has guards at each entrance point.

Even with all of this security, we still have to be extremely careful, especially when we go shopping or downtown.  I never wear jewelry or expensive watches or clothes, and I am always careful to watch my money and not flash it around.  Usually I leave all my credit cards and ID at home and use photocopies of my passport when I'm outside the neighborhood or community.  Because I am Canadian, I am automatically a target because everyone down here thinks all Canadians are rich.  There are many poor people in this country, and sunfortunately ome of them are looking for an easy way to make money.

Canadians are usually robbed, whereas Mexicans with money are usually kidnapped.  My advice to any Canadians living in Mexico:  If you are not going to stay at a resort, find a SAFE neighborhood and make some Mexican friends.  Make sure your house is completely secure and if possible with 24 hour guards.  Don't flash money or credit cards around in public and dress down all the time.  If you happen to surprise someone robbing your house or apartment - get out as fast as you can and call the police from a neighbors (or better yet, get a cheap cell phone and dial 066).

I still may not be completely safe down here, but it sure is better than snow.  Now back to writing.

Friday, February 21, 2014

I've always wanted to write books, and I can't believe I finally am..

My first book has now been self-published online with Smashwords, and although it took over a year and a half to write, edit, format, organize the cover and title and lastly publish; I am happy with this first book in a series of eight.  Now that I have almost completed the first draft of the second book, my newly learned skills should move the entire process along much more quickly.  Hopefully my writing will improve also.

About me - I was born almost 62 years ago in a small town in SE British Columbia and lived 12 of my first 14 years in another small town in Northern Idaho.  These books have, and will, describe many of my adventures growing up and facing some of a young boy's life challenges.

After high school, I moved to the big city of Vancouver to get a Business Degree.  After a couple of failed marriages and an almost 33 year career with the BC Government, I packed up my bags in 2011 and headed to Mexico to write my first novel.  'A Time Before Facebook' is it, and can be downloaded free on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Apple.  Unfortunately Amazon is charging 3.99 per book at present, but perhaps one day they will also offer it free.

I have received feedback from my editor(s) and it is positive.  Also my family thinks this first book is great, but they are slightly prejudiced.  Only one other unfamiliar face has commented, and amazingly, they are positive too.  Download a free copy and let me know what you think; either here, on my Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest - or with your favorite eBook Store.

Here is a link to the Smashwords website to download in numerous formats.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have raised three children and played bass guitar in various country, blues and rock bands over the past 45 years or so.  Primarily I would love to discuss writing, and in particular my own, but would also be willing to talk about music, BC Government work, raising a family as a single father, or various other life topics.  Or not, I'll leave it up to the bloggers....