Monday, January 15, 2018


****Be aware of the misleading advertising on these sites****

I was searching the internet for deals on GPS units, and one of the links took me to the GPS Canada site.  Many countries have similar sites, all owned by the same people (I presume), and their web addresses are all similar formats - i.e.,,  etc.

Their header implies that they sell only Garmin products, and all of their recent links imply the end of Christmas Sale that has been extended.  I'm not sure if this is just a marketing ploy, but I did see a warning from a client back in 2015 about this company.  The purchaser at that time, said it was difficult contacting the site, and after numerous attempts the person answering was rude.  And it is my guess that if you do purchase the product, good luck with the extended 2 year warranty and any map updates. Perhaps this is just a scam that resurfaces every once in a while.  This is what she wrote:

WARNING to all you looking for a GPS unit at a good price on the internet! Got on a GREAT looking site and found what sounds like a really good unit, called the Mustang Dominator 870 hdlm. $200 sounded good, it looked legit and so...i ordered one for my hubby. WELL. I got a Titan, which is ok but NOT WHAT ORDERED! They refuse to tàlk on the phone ànd they take days to even answer an email! THEN they argue trying to convince me to keep what i have or trade for a Garmin! I ..ORDERED.. A Mustang! We'll see how this unfolds but i dont think they are legitimate and i would just put a WARNING out. Stay away from these people! Lesson learned.

The business in Canada, appears to be owned by a company in Los Angeles called CETB Corp., and their site appears to ONLY sell Garmin products.  I'll try to find out information about this company.  Also, the shipping notice near the bottom of the various item descriptions mentions a company called Tabstore, which appears to be in Australia.

They way they get you interested, is to put links on the left of their pages that supposedly take you to Garmin GPS units on sale.  The link takes you to a very nice page with pictures of cars and/or trucks, with the GPS unit on sale listed below.  Almost all of these products come with bundles that include 10 bonus items.

The first few photos and items, appear to actually be Garmin products, but as you scroll down, the word 'Garmin' disappears on many of them, and is substituted with catchy names like, Mustang Dominator, Titan, and Comanche.  These units, I discovered, are NOT Garmin products.  They appear to be products from China or somewhere else - I wasn't able to discover any further information by searching the product name.  Scrolling through the items, you may come across more actual Garmin products to keep you interested.

I have tried to cancel my PayPal payment and the product order.  I will update this post when I have further information.  Anyway - Beware.

***Update - Company sent me the product at 4:08 AM, then at 4:29 AM they also emailed me that the products listed above are not Garmin products, but if I wanted to substitute, I could pay the extra 200.00.  I hope PayPal cancels the payment, then I can buy a reputable product.  If not, I will post about the products quality.

I have returned to Canada and activated my product.  It does work as advertised, but based on the sellers reputation, I would suspect the included 3 year warranty is useless.  I also tried to download map and street updates through as recommended, and discovered that the software used by GPS America etc. is pirated.  I have sent this information to them to report for pirating.  Thus the free lifetime map updates is also a lie.

I have my fingers crossed that the unit keeps functioning correctly, because that appears to be the only feature that was as advertised.

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