Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Gender Wars.

I was recently informed that a close friend of my daughter took his life this past weekend.  He had been fighting depression and sadness all of his young life.  He was gay.

I have relatives that were gay, and I loved them with no indifference.  Although not gay myself, I can try to understand the difficulties they face, daily, but I truly can't imagine it.  Families ostracize them, society calls them freaks of nature, and finding love must be an extremely difficult challenge.

Having said this, I think the agenda of people of different genders is not helping them, but creating anger rather than acceptance.  I am probably one of those in the majority that can accept gayness, lesbianism, and transgenderism, as long as it is not flaunted in front of us, or pushed upon us as the new normal.  It is like lepers walking down the street and screaming at us that they are the new normal.

Acceptance is one thing, but forced acceptance is another.  Face it, we don't want to witness gays parading in the streets, half naked and performing gross acts of indecency in front of our children.  We don't want to see confused people on YouTube flaunting 50  new accronyms for what the happen to feel like, and expecting males and females to use the right descriptors, or face being called a racist or even a criminal.  We don't want to see transgenders demanding specific washroom access, or sex changes paid for by the government.  We don't want to see lesbians screaming at rallies, protesting for the rights of women, while at the same time, remaining silent on religions or cultures that degrade women.

Demanding acceptance is only going to hurt your cause.  Forcing laws to be changed, that contradict a countries Christian majority, will not further your goals.  It will only move the general population to despise you, and ultimately, hurt your cause.  If you have never heard this phrase, it is time to heed it.  "Let sleeping dogs lie."

You may have won a small battle in that people are aware of your plight, but now you have pushed so hard that the push back is going to destroy any progress you think you are making.  Acceptance of you is being eroded, and is quickly being replaced by anger.  Multiple genders is NOT the new normal, and if you continue on this path, it never will be.

I still truly believe that society should accept people with different thoughts and feelings and sexual preferences.  Perhaps one day, gays will be able to walk among us without fear, and thoughts of depression and suicide.  But I hope it will be instituted by society as a whole, not through thoughtless laws by liberal governments.

Anyway it is a sad day.  Another human life was lost. 

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