Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What many Canadians think of Mr. Trump.

The USA is in an uproar.  People are following the ill-informed crowd and protesting everything from abortion, to gay rights, to lesbianism, to immigration.  If these stupid people would take the time to read the Presidential Orders, instead of following a corrupt news media, thing could settle down.  But with the Democrats, the news and idiot movie stars promoting this violence, it has now turned from protests into riots.  They are truly lucky the President hasn't sent in the army.

How did this all start?  Well, the problem has been growing for about 20 years.  Those USA government lied to the people on a scale that has never been tried before.  They tried implementing the New World Order, by the divide and conquer method.  They paired blacks against whites, rich against poor, Catholics against Islamists, etc.  And not only that, they started illegal wars with Muslim countries just to stir up the hornets nest, and get control of their oil, of course.

This butting into mostly Muslim countries political and financial business, turned the radicals in those countries, not only against the USA, but Europe and all Western countries.  They declared a holy war, and began their plan to infiltrate those enemy countries.  Because the USA was divided by it's corrupt Presidents and government, it made their job much easier.  They were able to get in under the guise of refugees and immigrants, and those who disagreed were called racist, bigots and Islamophobians by the Muslims in the USA and their supporters, the Democrats.

Now sanity has taken over, in the USA at least.  Donald Trump is following through on his election promises, and the Democrats are being stirred up by the New World Order people, like George Soros, who didn't get their candidate into the President's position.  They are mad, and are doing everything they can to create civil war in the US.  And the ignorant Democrats are falling for their lies.

If most people are like me, they would agree that any religion can do what they want - privately, as long as they don't try to force their religion on me.  Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, and all the other religions can pray as much as they want, and do what they want, as long as they don't grow to the point that they want everyone else to follow their rules and no one elses.  Religions have no place on the streets and no place in government.

I am 100% behind Mr. Trump at this time.  He is keeping his platform promises, something I haven't seen any other leader do for some time.  He is changing immigration laws to protect HIS American people, while at the same time, protecting the rights of peaceful/legal Americans and immigrants. He is stopping funding of programs that the majority of Americans don't want to fund, and shouldn't have to.  He is re-negotiating bad agreements made by his predecesors, and probably saving the people of the USA trillions of dollars - dollars that their children and grandchildren won't have to pay back.  Basically is trying to change a corrupt, useless system into one that has some common sense and is truly going to make America great again.

Now, I must say, I haven't quite figured out the benefits of attracting large manufacturers back to the USA, other than job creation.  Jobs lead to prosperity, which then leads to happiness, which leads to harmony in the country.  This is all good, but what about the countries that these large corporations are leaving.  They are all mad.  Also, won't prices go up with higher labor costs?  If you have an answer to this one, please let me know.

Anyway America, settle down and give this man a chance.  He may not be perfect, but his heart seems to be in the right place.  Now if we could just get one of him in Canada, you know, one that the pussy hat was probably designed for.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Climate Change, Global Warming, discussion.

Okay, let's give the 80% plus scientists our support and agree that man burning fossil fuels is a cause of climate change.  Although it has not been determined exactly how big of an effect this, compared to natural causes, has on global warming.

Some scientists like Stephen Hawking, seem to think we only have about a thousand more years on earth, and the solution, look to the stars and relocate.  He says: “I don’t think the human race will survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet. But I’m an optimist. We will reach out to the stars.”

Others like Ivar Giaever state:  "In the APS (American Physical Society) it is ok to discuss whether the mass of the proton changes over time and how a multi-universe behaves, but the evidence of global warming is incontrovertible? The claim (how can you measure the average temperature of the whole earth for a whole year?) is that the temperature has changed from ~288.0 to ~288.8 degree Kelvin in about 150 years, which (if true) means to me is that the temperature has been amazingly stable, and both human health and happiness have definitely improved in this 'warming' period."

As a result of following the first line of reasoning, many governments (and most UN members) feel that citizens should pay for this travesty through donations to committees to further study the phenomenon, or to just pay a tax for being such bad earth citizens, as is being done in Canada.  To me, these politicians have only seen the taxation benefits of the science, and appear to have no discernible plan to try to heal the earth.  I guess higher taxes will miraculously fix the problem.

On one hand, if some tax funds are thrown at the problem, before it is stolen or siphoned to other redundant programs, there may be some progress in finding alternate energy producers.  This may be a better solution then Stephen Hawking's plan to relocate humans to a new planet.  Of course, his main financial benefactor is trying to find us one.

And, of course, on the complete other end of the climate change debate are some really funny guys.  Here is a quote from one of them.  Guess who?  "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."  Okay, you guessed it, Donald Trump in a 2012 tweet.  But don't laugh, if all the scientists in the world that agree that man is causing climate change are either Chinese, or paid for by the Chinese, he could just be right.

Until science does further studies and is able to determine just how much man is contributing to climate change, how long we have (unless Stephen Hawking's prediction of 1,000 years is correct), and if we can do anything to stop or reverse it, I'll wait for the verdict.

As Igor states:  "I'm a skeptic. ...Global Warming it's become a new religion. You're not supposed to be against Global Warming. You have basically no choice. And I tell you how many scientists support that. But the number of scientists is not important. The only thing that's important is if the scientists are correct; that's the important part."


Donald Trump and WW3, does he know something we don't?

Since the election of Mr. Trump and having watched his new policies, most of which we have known since his campaign, it is obvious he has had a plan for  some time now, and unlike most politicians, is actually keeping his promises.  This is heartwarming in more ways than one.  He truly seems to be putting America First, and it needed this renewed sense of patriotism.

The last 8+ years has done nothing but tear America apart, polarizing Democrats against Republicans, Blacks against Whites, Rich against Poor and finally, everyone with common sense against Islam.  Obama's policies not only seemed to encourage this division, his slick salesman talk was actually able to fool a great many people.

While we friends have sat around discussing Mr. Trump's policies, some serious questions have arisen. Some obvious ones, like calling the corrupt news media out on the carpet, and describing Liberal thinking/feelings like the idiocy it is, and wanting to protect the borders and the American people from terrorists trying to enter the country and illegal aliens; some things are not quite as obvious.

For example, we can understand why he wants to bring businesses that have left the US back onto US soil, to create jobs and settle some of the dissatisfaction with the previous governments ineffectiveness in this matter.  Not only did the previous administration lose American jobs, they turned their heads at illegal immigrants, and most likely allowed terrorists into the country unvetted.

Now we all know Mr. Trump is a successful businessman, and enticing these large corporations like Ford to come back to town, will give Americans more jobs and will help their economy.  We also know that people that have a paying job feel better about themselves, because they can now support their families, and have less time to protest.

But why would Ford itself return to a country that will force it to pay higher wages, which in turn, will probably lead to higher prices for their product?  You can say patriotism, and you can even say that the 20% reduction in taxes is a benefit.  But why would a company likely decrease it's profit margin in this way, at the same time, aggravating it's current trading partners?

In my opinion, Ford and other returning companies, know something that we don't.  There may be a totally logical reason for this historic return to their birthplace, or they may have some future information that the general public does not.  My hypotheses is that Mr. Trump is preparing for a big war, possibly WW3.  The stage is being set.

First, he is cleaning up American corrupt politics. Secondly, he is letting the public know that most of the news the mainstream media produces is fake news.  Thirdly, he is sending potential threats from inside the USA home (illegal aliens and Muslim terrorists).  In making America First, he is in effect, isolating the USA from many of his so-called partners.  The recent US talks at the UN highlights this.  If you are not behind the USA, we will have your names.

Finally, if a country is preparing for war, it is best to have all your factories on your soil, in full operation.  Remember that during any big war, most manufacturing turns from cars and other things, to building bombs, tanks, etc.  With many of the internal threats thrown out of the country, you can then concentrate on fighting the enemy on their soil, rather than your own.  And war is a great way to bring a divided population back together, fighting a common cause.  And Mr. Trump is smart enough to know that the cause has to be honorable, not based on lies, like previous administrations have done.

This is just my personal opinion, and I guess we'll see.  What do you think?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Indians protesting to protect 'Mother Earth', what a crock of shit.

I will be the first to agree that Indians in North America got the short end of the stick. They were fought by the invading White Man, and their lands stolen; or as in Canada, they basically gave it away in may cases, through attrition.  And in the good old days, they were truly about protecting Mother Earth, and felt that the earth belonged to no one man, but to everyone.

That has all changed.  The White Man is still giving them free money, and bending over backwards to give them Casinos and other sources of income.  I guess some of the politicians still feel guilty for what their ancestors did to Indians a hundred or more years ago.  Indians, not being stupid, have discovered this cash cow, and are milking it for all it is worth.  And now, they have discovered that all you have to do is find something to protest about, and the White Man forks over even more cash.

Now this tactic hasn't worked out so well for all Indians, but most of the chief and their family members on Band Councils have done amazingly well.  Many are even millionaires today, while their band members do all the protesting and receive little of the compensation.  In Canada, many Indians on the reserves are starving and freezing, while their chiefs are on vacation in the Bahamas.

Also, in Canada at least, they have now made it impossible to know how much chiefs have embezzled from the bands.  Canadians pay for their past mistakes, but have now way to tell where the money is going.  Of course, it is pretty obvious to know where it is going, when you hear about starvation on the Reserves, and the chiefs are spending like there is not tomorrow.

Anyway, back to the protests.  Indians will protest about the White Man raping the forests and selling all the timber; they will protest about over-fishing the oceans; they will protest about gas and oil pipelines running through their 'Traditional Lands'.  But the minute government caves in and pays them THEIR CUT, or allows them to over-fish or over-log, the protests seem to just disappear.  Talk about hypocrits.

So much for 'Mother Earth'.  And in conclusion, if Mother Earth belongs to no one group, and instead belongs to everyone, why are their Indian Land claims.  Oh, if only I have been born one generation sooner, I could have my status and stand in line for free handouts like all the other Indians.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mom says Obama was the anti-Christ, she may be right....

My mom is in her 80's, and she has been saying for 8 years now that Barack Obama is the Devil, the anti-Christ. She usually doesn't get too worked up about politics, but he really got to her.  She has raised 7 children and has about as much common sense as any person I know.  Her husband was American and she is Canadian, but our family lived in the USA until I was 14 years old.  Most of my brothers and sisters were born there, and I am the only child in the family to be born in Canada because my father was overseas with the US Army.

From our many conversations, this is the gist of her argument.  First, where exactly did he come from?  No one had heard of him, and the next thing you know he is the President of the most powerful country in the world.  After years of goading, he finally produced a birth certificate from Hawaii, that some feel they have proved is fake.  The irony of the entire thing is that this guy got re-elected and has damaged the US beyond repair;  and he may not even be a US Citizen.  Wouldn't that be a slap in the face for democracy.

Also, he is partly black, which automatically gives him the racist/bigot card to use while implementing his divisive policies, and no white person can really say anything about it without being called a racist.  His political correct policies have driven a wedge between blacks and whites, blacks and police, whites and police, whites against Muslims, Muslims against everyone, etc. 

He was able to make schools and universities politically correct and has done his best at destroying US patriotism and culture.  We now have two university classes graduated during his time that cry when they don't get their way, have safe rooms and if you argue with they call you names and holler at you.  Now they are protesting wearing pussy hats - fitting.

He has bombed the hell out of the middle east, making sure not to kill any leaders, making them even angrier at the West.  Kind of like poking a hornets nest to get them really mad, then letting them into your house to get even.  You can't complain about this because you are again labelled a racist or Islamophobe.  In doing this, he has polorized the two major factions in the country.  The liberal Democrats that are as corrupt as they come, but believe in the New World Order, and that everyone should be as equal as they describe it.  And the common sense conservative Republicans, who believe in truth and justice.

All this time, this slick salesman, calmly spews his lies in such a fine manner that most people's first reaction is to believe him.  He is a sheep is wolf's clothing, and he has half of America (hell, half the world) fooled.  If he isn't the anti-Christ, he is definitely his disciple.  Other disciples include Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau.  Also, if he isn't the anti-Christ, I wonder who exactly is?

This man and his partners in crime have brought the world to the brink of WW 3, and they are blaming the newly elected President.  Just how stupid are people.  Donald Trump may be vulgar and speak badly about women, hell, he may even be mean to his wife; but from what I've seen of his first few days in office, he is definitely putting 'America First'.  He may be the most patriotic President to come along since Lincoln.

Obama has been working on his legacy for 8 years now, and I'm sure he will be remembered as the first and worst black President.  As a parting gift, he truly showed his real colors, by giving 221 million dollars to one of the worst human rights abusers in the world.  Good riddance Devil.  Mom, you may have just been right all along.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

PM Justin may have subversively placed Canada at war.

Everyone with an IQ more that 10 knows that our current PM is the dumbest Canada had ever elected.  How that happened still astounds me, but it is apparent that with backers like George Soros and his new (paid-for) friends on the UN from the Middle East, any twit can get elected to this once respected position.  With the election of Donald Trump as the new President to our south, and Vladimir Putin becoming more vocal on the West's Muslim problem, world order views are quickly changing.

We have watched over the last year as this ignorant puppet has tried to strip Canada of it's nationalism and mild patriotism (mild compared to the USA and other proud countries), and forced a multitude of Muslims on Canadian society without a real plan to integrate them, with the ultimate goal to disrupt further the glue that has bound Canada together as one.  Previous peoples have integrated into Canadian life, being grateful for the opportunity, and helped build and fought to make Canada what it is.

Muslims, with their Islamic Religion and Sharia Law, have been forced on us and have absolutely no desire to integrate into our society, and feel they are entitled to free everything while bringing in their friends and families.  All this being paid for by a failing Federal system, that now has to resort to taxing working Canadians to death - paying for their own destruction.  The carbon tax may be the straw that broke the camel's back.  Let's hope they don't start taxing ammunition, people might start returning it for a refund.

Russia to our NW, and on our Southern border, the USA, both have diametrically opposed philosophies on Muslim immigration.  With our idiot PM declaring that he will not be stopping on his path of Multiculturalism genocide, has basically declared war on these two neighbors.  I was fearful of what PM Justin might do to my family in Canada after he was elected, but now, I am more fearful of what Russia and the USA might do to Canada

Let's hope that before the people of Canada revolt and start , the USA and Russia are able to evict this traitor from office - along with his band of criminals.  Let's hope it can be done without a war, however short it may be.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Political Correctness, Religion, and Addiction.

You may wonder what these three things have in common.  Believe it or not, they all are deceptions people use to satisfy their own weaknesses, to face either their own emotional inefficiencies, or to manage their life in general.  Religion has capitalized on the weaknesses or naivety of people for centuries, both in attracting and keeping it's members, and in attracting new converts.

When people do not have the courage to 'make it on their own', religion is more than happy to step in and give them direction in their lives.  Religion gives them a set of rules to follow to ensure their lives will now be happy.  It gives them a future, either a place in heaven, 72 virgins, or just a way to stay out of the 'hell' that the Bible has created.  Not only that, it gives them the ability to confess their sins, and this includes almost any moral value like rape, theft, murder, etc., and have the ability to be forgiven.  Your weakness is miraculously taken off your shoulders.  Now how good is that?

Followers, like drug addicts, no longer have to deal with their lives problems directly, the religious leaders will now take care of them, and give them the rules to follow, and absolution, so that their lives have meaning again, and they have the perception of solving their own problems.  Unfortunately, they are not solving their problems, they are just delaying or disguising them, similar to how a drug addict creates a fog around their problems and forgets them for a time.

People are not completely stupid, and they have the ability to see their own weaknesses, but some are unable to face their fears alone or with help from friends and family, so they turn to alcohol or drugs or religion.  This hides the problem for the duration of the effects of the alcohol or drugs, but the problems return (sometimes 3 or 4 fold) after reality returns.  This creates an addiction to those that are unable to deal with life's problems.

Religion is similar to alcohol and drugs, because it separates a person from his/her problems and can take total control of their lives.  If it is a relatively good religion, it can help set rules so that the person can do things to remedy the problem, much as they would have done on their own if they had been stronger.  Because the person has not dealt with the problem on their own, they do not have the experience (or possibly even the desire) to deal with further problems that arise.  They use their religion to solve all of their future crises.

If the person is unfortunate enough to only have a bad religion available, not only will their problems not be dealt with correctly, they may even find that their problems increase substantially.  Religions such as Islam, take total control of a persons life, and forces them to do things that they would otherwise not do.  You know, little things like beating their wives, marrying young children and chopping off heads.  Kind of like a drug addict that can't afford his next fix;  he will do almost anything for the next fix.  Not only that, like an addict, he/she could die trying to get out.

Political Correctness is another way people deal with weakness.  Actually 'deal' is the wrong word, because addicts do not deal with their problems, they use some outside influence to cover up or hide the problem.  Instead of identifying and meeting problems directly, a system is created whereby you can ignore the problem completely, describe it as something completely different, and basically hope that it will now go away on its own.

If this perversion of the truth was used anywhere else but in the political world, it could be relatively contained to the person involved and perhaps some close friends and family.  But used in the political world, it can affect the lives of thousands, and this can ultimately mean thousands of deaths.  In many cases, politically correctness involves changing laws to ensure it can 'legally' be used and continue indefinitely.

Examples of this might be:  1. The government decides that people, if they know the truth, could cause harm to themselves through fear.  Thus they take control of news outlets and ensure that the truth is either ignored or bent to a level that will not adversely affect people, or governments policies, or 2. Government decides that religious beliefs override peoples safety.  Muslim immigration is allowed into their country, but it is discovered that these new immigrants are killing and raping the population.  The government allows this, and even has their media cover it up, because they are afraid to actually deal with the problem.

Like an addict, alcohol, drugs, religion and political correctness, all can be used to mask the true problems in life, and can even eventually lead to mental illness.  Some drug addicts sink so low that they require medical treatment.  Some religious fanatics end up in jail or mental institutions.  Political correctness is so new that we haven't seen the ultimate result in our lifetime, but it is only a matter of time the way the world is going at present under this faulty system.

Some examples of political correct junkies are Angela Merkel in Germany and Justin Trudeau in Canada.  Because of their inability to take a firm stand for 'right', they have allowed political correctness to allow injustices in their respective countries; leading to upheaval in Germany and instability in Canada.

People deal with problems differently, and not all people that turn to alcohol, drugs, religion or political correctness are necessarily weak or afraid.  The bigger problem is with the people that identify weakness and fear and prey upon it;  the pusher that is supplying the fix.  It is one thing to have fears and problems and to use alcohol or drugs or religion, or even political correctness to hide them; but another thing to profit from another's weakness.  The drug dealer, the religion leader that doesn't truly help a person in need, and the person using political puppets to implement political correctness to the detriment of an entire country.

You might ask, who could do such a thing.  Well, in my opinion, these puppet-masters are the hidden face of true evil.  And some of their puppets are evil too.  In the case of Angela or Justin, they appear to be to stupid to actually have an agenda of their own.  We know that George Soros has talked with Justin, and I'm not sure about Angela.  He has also talked with another man, that does not appear to be a complete idiot or addict - Barack Obama.  Over the past eight years, Obama has been systematically doing everything he can to import (many un-vetted) Islamic immigrants into the USA.

I'm sure there are other examples in the world today, but this is the one that came to mind. Addiction, Religion and Political Correctness are all ways to deal with human weakness and fear. People like George Soros, those that actually own the news outlets, those profiting from financing wars and those ignoring the earth and it's people itself;  they are the pimps of the world.  They are what is truly evil, and perhaps if there is a devil, they are it.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Carbon Tax does not address the real problem.

I'm sure we can all agree that Climate Change is happening.  Like Donald Trump, it may not be as big of a problem as many so-called scientists and their government sponsors say.  But if man is causing the world to self-destruct, what is the true cause?

But first, what are the major contributing fuels being used today to affect the CO2 levels in the environment; what is described as the major factor involved in global warming or climate change?

In years gone by, COAL was the primary culprit, yet today it is rarely used in most countries - except China, USA, Japan and India (which account for about 70 % of the total coal use in the world).  Coal is used mainly for electricity production, but also manufacturing.

OIL.  The main consumers of oil today are the USA, China, India, Japan and Russia, in that order.  These five countries account for almost half of the worlds total oil consumption.  And what is oil primarily used for?  Gasoline for automobiles and diesel for trains, ships, etc.  Heating is another use for oil, particularly in colder climates like Canada and Russia.  Almost 70 % of all oil production is used for transportation and heating.

NATURAL GAS. The main consumers of natural gas are the USA, EU, Russia, Iran and China in that order.  They account for over 50 % of the total world use of this commodity.  Natural gas is primarily used as a source of energy for heating, cooking, and electricity generation. It is also used as fuel for vehicles and as a chemical feed-stock in the manufacture of plastics and other commercially important organic chemicals.

Man uses other forms of energy that create CO2, but in negligible amounts, such as, nuclear,  solar,chemical and thermal, etc.  Unfortunately many of these energy forms have been minimized in favor of the big three, Coal, Oil and Natural Gas.  Why, you might ask?

Good question.  Coal was as the primary energy creation platform for many years, until oil was discovered and automobiles invented.  Oil was found to be much cleaner to burn than coal and could be used more easily in a variety of situations.  Not only could it be used to fire electrical plants, but could be used in automobiles, airplanes and large ships and boats, as well.  However, coal is still used in many manufacturing plants and electrical plants for convenience and price.  Natural gas, when discovered, was found to burn even cleaner than oil, and has even been adapted to some automobiles.

So why not use solar, electrical, or other power sources?  There are some obvious reasons, like the advancement of technology has not caught up with these new sources of energy at a fast enough pace.  Energy storage methods have not advanced far enough.  But the underlying problem is that big oil companies DON'T want alternate energy sources to replace their monopoly on oil, coal and natural gas.

This goes to say that they will do almost anything to keep other energy providers out of the market that they control (very similar to large Pharmaceutical Companies quashing natural treatments so they can continue to monopolize the drug market). This, over the years, has involved buying patents of alternate energy sources and then filing them away for future use.  This is so that they can keep control of the current market until the supply has been depleted, or alternately, so they remain in control of the time new energy sources created.

Now, all oil companies, coal companies and natural gas companies are not all owned by the same person(s), but if you dig deep enough, you will probably find some links.  One obvious link would be their financial funding.  All of the companies that control 99 % of the worlds energy consumption did not get where they are by themselves.  They required money to expand their various businesses, and we all know that when someone lends you money, they usually want some kind of say or control in your business.

Where do these companies get their loans?  Some come from governments, and some directly from their personal or business banks.  Of course, we all know that governments borrow from banks too; so whoever is loaning all this money has control over, not only large corporations, but governments as well.  Who are these bankers?  Various famous names come to mind, but there are many, I am sure.  Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, Wells Fargo, Chase, China, etc.

So how exactly is a carbon tax going to help fight climate change?  Well, the answer is, it won't.  With countries like Canada collecting a carbon tax, and allowing the government to absorb all of this new free cash into their bottomless pit systems, any positive results will be minuscule in nature at best.  Although Canada ranks high in CO2 emissions per capita, in the overall world of emissions, it ranks the 8th highest.  To put this into perspective, China produces 29.55 % of world CO2, USA 14.95 %, EU 9.57 %, etc.; and Canada contributes a whopping 1.58 %.

Shouldn't countries like China, USA, EU, Japan, India, Russia and Germany be the countries leading the way in collecting a carbon tax?  They DO produce over half the worlds CO2 emissions.  But truthfully, why should countries that have been forced to continue using non-renewable, environment contaminating, energy sources, be taxed in the first place.  When the banks and large corporations have been allowed to destroy the earth by killing rain forests, polluting the air with oil refineries, stunting the growth of alternate energy supplies forcing dependence on their products, and showing no regard for anything or anyone but profits; why, should not, these people be held accountable for global warming?

Why is it always the working class citizen that has to pay for problems created the greedy?  Why do the profiteers always get away with the destruction of the earth?  When will someone hold them accountable, and not the innocent public?  People, it is time to wake up.  Don't take your anger for higher gasoline and natural gas prices out on innocent store owners, or private gasoline distributors; take your anger out on the real deplorable bastards that have forced you into this position.

If the true cause of the problem is not addressed, and the people that have forced us into this situation are not held accountable, climate change will continue down it's current path of destruction, out of control.  These deplorables have no consideration for the earth, and even less for the people living on it.  Hold them accountable, not your local grocery store.