Thursday, January 5, 2017

Carbon Tax does not address the real problem.

I'm sure we can all agree that Climate Change is happening.  Like Donald Trump, it may not be as big of a problem as many so-called scientists and their government sponsors say.  But if man is causing the world to self-destruct, what is the true cause?

But first, what are the major contributing fuels being used today to affect the CO2 levels in the environment; what is described as the major factor involved in global warming or climate change?

In years gone by, COAL was the primary culprit, yet today it is rarely used in most countries - except China, USA, Japan and India (which account for about 70 % of the total coal use in the world).  Coal is used mainly for electricity production, but also manufacturing.

OIL.  The main consumers of oil today are the USA, China, India, Japan and Russia, in that order.  These five countries account for almost half of the worlds total oil consumption.  And what is oil primarily used for?  Gasoline for automobiles and diesel for trains, ships, etc.  Heating is another use for oil, particularly in colder climates like Canada and Russia.  Almost 70 % of all oil production is used for transportation and heating.

NATURAL GAS. The main consumers of natural gas are the USA, EU, Russia, Iran and China in that order.  They account for over 50 % of the total world use of this commodity.  Natural gas is primarily used as a source of energy for heating, cooking, and electricity generation. It is also used as fuel for vehicles and as a chemical feed-stock in the manufacture of plastics and other commercially important organic chemicals.

Man uses other forms of energy that create CO2, but in negligible amounts, such as, nuclear,  solar,chemical and thermal, etc.  Unfortunately many of these energy forms have been minimized in favor of the big three, Coal, Oil and Natural Gas.  Why, you might ask?

Good question.  Coal was as the primary energy creation platform for many years, until oil was discovered and automobiles invented.  Oil was found to be much cleaner to burn than coal and could be used more easily in a variety of situations.  Not only could it be used to fire electrical plants, but could be used in automobiles, airplanes and large ships and boats, as well.  However, coal is still used in many manufacturing plants and electrical plants for convenience and price.  Natural gas, when discovered, was found to burn even cleaner than oil, and has even been adapted to some automobiles.

So why not use solar, electrical, or other power sources?  There are some obvious reasons, like the advancement of technology has not caught up with these new sources of energy at a fast enough pace.  Energy storage methods have not advanced far enough.  But the underlying problem is that big oil companies DON'T want alternate energy sources to replace their monopoly on oil, coal and natural gas.

This goes to say that they will do almost anything to keep other energy providers out of the market that they control (very similar to large Pharmaceutical Companies quashing natural treatments so they can continue to monopolize the drug market). This, over the years, has involved buying patents of alternate energy sources and then filing them away for future use.  This is so that they can keep control of the current market until the supply has been depleted, or alternately, so they remain in control of the time new energy sources created.

Now, all oil companies, coal companies and natural gas companies are not all owned by the same person(s), but if you dig deep enough, you will probably find some links.  One obvious link would be their financial funding.  All of the companies that control 99 % of the worlds energy consumption did not get where they are by themselves.  They required money to expand their various businesses, and we all know that when someone lends you money, they usually want some kind of say or control in your business.

Where do these companies get their loans?  Some come from governments, and some directly from their personal or business banks.  Of course, we all know that governments borrow from banks too; so whoever is loaning all this money has control over, not only large corporations, but governments as well.  Who are these bankers?  Various famous names come to mind, but there are many, I am sure.  Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, Wells Fargo, Chase, China, etc.

So how exactly is a carbon tax going to help fight climate change?  Well, the answer is, it won't.  With countries like Canada collecting a carbon tax, and allowing the government to absorb all of this new free cash into their bottomless pit systems, any positive results will be minuscule in nature at best.  Although Canada ranks high in CO2 emissions per capita, in the overall world of emissions, it ranks the 8th highest.  To put this into perspective, China produces 29.55 % of world CO2, USA 14.95 %, EU 9.57 %, etc.; and Canada contributes a whopping 1.58 %.

Shouldn't countries like China, USA, EU, Japan, India, Russia and Germany be the countries leading the way in collecting a carbon tax?  They DO produce over half the worlds CO2 emissions.  But truthfully, why should countries that have been forced to continue using non-renewable, environment contaminating, energy sources, be taxed in the first place.  When the banks and large corporations have been allowed to destroy the earth by killing rain forests, polluting the air with oil refineries, stunting the growth of alternate energy supplies forcing dependence on their products, and showing no regard for anything or anyone but profits; why, should not, these people be held accountable for global warming?

Why is it always the working class citizen that has to pay for problems created the greedy?  Why do the profiteers always get away with the destruction of the earth?  When will someone hold them accountable, and not the innocent public?  People, it is time to wake up.  Don't take your anger for higher gasoline and natural gas prices out on innocent store owners, or private gasoline distributors; take your anger out on the real deplorable bastards that have forced you into this position.

If the true cause of the problem is not addressed, and the people that have forced us into this situation are not held accountable, climate change will continue down it's current path of destruction, out of control.  These deplorables have no consideration for the earth, and even less for the people living on it.  Hold them accountable, not your local grocery store.

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