Saturday, January 7, 2017

Political Correctness, Religion, and Addiction.

You may wonder what these three things have in common.  Believe it or not, they all are deceptions people use to satisfy their own weaknesses, to face either their own emotional inefficiencies, or to manage their life in general.  Religion has capitalized on the weaknesses or naivety of people for centuries, both in attracting and keeping it's members, and in attracting new converts.

When people do not have the courage to 'make it on their own', religion is more than happy to step in and give them direction in their lives.  Religion gives them a set of rules to follow to ensure their lives will now be happy.  It gives them a future, either a place in heaven, 72 virgins, or just a way to stay out of the 'hell' that the Bible has created.  Not only that, it gives them the ability to confess their sins, and this includes almost any moral value like rape, theft, murder, etc., and have the ability to be forgiven.  Your weakness is miraculously taken off your shoulders.  Now how good is that?

Followers, like drug addicts, no longer have to deal with their lives problems directly, the religious leaders will now take care of them, and give them the rules to follow, and absolution, so that their lives have meaning again, and they have the perception of solving their own problems.  Unfortunately, they are not solving their problems, they are just delaying or disguising them, similar to how a drug addict creates a fog around their problems and forgets them for a time.

People are not completely stupid, and they have the ability to see their own weaknesses, but some are unable to face their fears alone or with help from friends and family, so they turn to alcohol or drugs or religion.  This hides the problem for the duration of the effects of the alcohol or drugs, but the problems return (sometimes 3 or 4 fold) after reality returns.  This creates an addiction to those that are unable to deal with life's problems.

Religion is similar to alcohol and drugs, because it separates a person from his/her problems and can take total control of their lives.  If it is a relatively good religion, it can help set rules so that the person can do things to remedy the problem, much as they would have done on their own if they had been stronger.  Because the person has not dealt with the problem on their own, they do not have the experience (or possibly even the desire) to deal with further problems that arise.  They use their religion to solve all of their future crises.

If the person is unfortunate enough to only have a bad religion available, not only will their problems not be dealt with correctly, they may even find that their problems increase substantially.  Religions such as Islam, take total control of a persons life, and forces them to do things that they would otherwise not do.  You know, little things like beating their wives, marrying young children and chopping off heads.  Kind of like a drug addict that can't afford his next fix;  he will do almost anything for the next fix.  Not only that, like an addict, he/she could die trying to get out.

Political Correctness is another way people deal with weakness.  Actually 'deal' is the wrong word, because addicts do not deal with their problems, they use some outside influence to cover up or hide the problem.  Instead of identifying and meeting problems directly, a system is created whereby you can ignore the problem completely, describe it as something completely different, and basically hope that it will now go away on its own.

If this perversion of the truth was used anywhere else but in the political world, it could be relatively contained to the person involved and perhaps some close friends and family.  But used in the political world, it can affect the lives of thousands, and this can ultimately mean thousands of deaths.  In many cases, politically correctness involves changing laws to ensure it can 'legally' be used and continue indefinitely.

Examples of this might be:  1. The government decides that people, if they know the truth, could cause harm to themselves through fear.  Thus they take control of news outlets and ensure that the truth is either ignored or bent to a level that will not adversely affect people, or governments policies, or 2. Government decides that religious beliefs override peoples safety.  Muslim immigration is allowed into their country, but it is discovered that these new immigrants are killing and raping the population.  The government allows this, and even has their media cover it up, because they are afraid to actually deal with the problem.

Like an addict, alcohol, drugs, religion and political correctness, all can be used to mask the true problems in life, and can even eventually lead to mental illness.  Some drug addicts sink so low that they require medical treatment.  Some religious fanatics end up in jail or mental institutions.  Political correctness is so new that we haven't seen the ultimate result in our lifetime, but it is only a matter of time the way the world is going at present under this faulty system.

Some examples of political correct junkies are Angela Merkel in Germany and Justin Trudeau in Canada.  Because of their inability to take a firm stand for 'right', they have allowed political correctness to allow injustices in their respective countries; leading to upheaval in Germany and instability in Canada.

People deal with problems differently, and not all people that turn to alcohol, drugs, religion or political correctness are necessarily weak or afraid.  The bigger problem is with the people that identify weakness and fear and prey upon it;  the pusher that is supplying the fix.  It is one thing to have fears and problems and to use alcohol or drugs or religion, or even political correctness to hide them; but another thing to profit from another's weakness.  The drug dealer, the religion leader that doesn't truly help a person in need, and the person using political puppets to implement political correctness to the detriment of an entire country.

You might ask, who could do such a thing.  Well, in my opinion, these puppet-masters are the hidden face of true evil.  And some of their puppets are evil too.  In the case of Angela or Justin, they appear to be to stupid to actually have an agenda of their own.  We know that George Soros has talked with Justin, and I'm not sure about Angela.  He has also talked with another man, that does not appear to be a complete idiot or addict - Barack Obama.  Over the past eight years, Obama has been systematically doing everything he can to import (many un-vetted) Islamic immigrants into the USA.

I'm sure there are other examples in the world today, but this is the one that came to mind. Addiction, Religion and Political Correctness are all ways to deal with human weakness and fear. People like George Soros, those that actually own the news outlets, those profiting from financing wars and those ignoring the earth and it's people itself;  they are the pimps of the world.  They are what is truly evil, and perhaps if there is a devil, they are it.