Saturday, January 21, 2017

PM Justin may have subversively placed Canada at war.

Everyone with an IQ more that 10 knows that our current PM is the dumbest Canada had ever elected.  How that happened still astounds me, but it is apparent that with backers like George Soros and his new (paid-for) friends on the UN from the Middle East, any twit can get elected to this once respected position.  With the election of Donald Trump as the new President to our south, and Vladimir Putin becoming more vocal on the West's Muslim problem, world order views are quickly changing.

We have watched over the last year as this ignorant puppet has tried to strip Canada of it's nationalism and mild patriotism (mild compared to the USA and other proud countries), and forced a multitude of Muslims on Canadian society without a real plan to integrate them, with the ultimate goal to disrupt further the glue that has bound Canada together as one.  Previous peoples have integrated into Canadian life, being grateful for the opportunity, and helped build and fought to make Canada what it is.

Muslims, with their Islamic Religion and Sharia Law, have been forced on us and have absolutely no desire to integrate into our society, and feel they are entitled to free everything while bringing in their friends and families.  All this being paid for by a failing Federal system, that now has to resort to taxing working Canadians to death - paying for their own destruction.  The carbon tax may be the straw that broke the camel's back.  Let's hope they don't start taxing ammunition, people might start returning it for a refund.

Russia to our NW, and on our Southern border, the USA, both have diametrically opposed philosophies on Muslim immigration.  With our idiot PM declaring that he will not be stopping on his path of Multiculturalism genocide, has basically declared war on these two neighbors.  I was fearful of what PM Justin might do to my family in Canada after he was elected, but now, I am more fearful of what Russia and the USA might do to Canada

Let's hope that before the people of Canada revolt and start , the USA and Russia are able to evict this traitor from office - along with his band of criminals.  Let's hope it can be done without a war, however short it may be.