Saturday, May 26, 2018

Documentary - Killing Europe Youtube Link

I wonder, will the Western and European world soon need to declare bankruptcy because of their kindness to others?  The Middle East has apparently discovered a new way to break them financially, not with oil prices, but with their invaders receiving free welfare.

Will Western/European leaders promoting this ever be held accountable?

Friday, April 27, 2018

Canada - The World's New 3rd World Dictatorship...

In 2015, Canadians wanted a change from a government that seemed to be cloaked in secrecy most of the time, and who was led by a man of few words.  People wanted a change, and along came this cute kid with a nice smile (and ass), spouting wonderful political lies as they all do, and he was elected.

Well, those promises have almost all been broken, and the government is run with a Liberal iron fist and is shrouded in even more secrecy than the previous government.  Not only that, the new PM has broken numerous laws, traveled the world on redundant vacations (oops, Canadian business), and is flooding the country with a group of people that hate our culture.

He runs around like he can do anything he wants, without consequence, and he has apparently gotten away with it.  He holds complete disdain for Canadians and Canadian values, and although he smiles glowingly, he is screwing hard-working Canadians up the arse.  At the same time, he is is giving terrorists millions of dollars in false reparation, while muffling the voices of honest level-headed citizens.

A man with shit for brains, turning Canada into his own personal shithole.  It won't be too soon to see his nice ass disappearing into the sunset - hopefully on his way to a jail cell.  If he evades jail, and runs for re-election, I'll be casting my vote for the opposition (even though all politicians are criminals and made from the same mold).

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Watch 'The Giver' and see the NWO Shangri-La.

I wonder why the leaders of the NWO create wars, famine, religious conflicts, corruption and infinite world debt?  They have been doing it for centuries, and it appears to be only getting worse.  They promote evil, while ignoring goodness.

Do they really think that people are so stupid that they will KNOW that the root of the worlds turmoil can be saved by those that have created this constant destruction?  If the plan is to create a new world where all people are as ONE, with no religion, no countries, no races, no sexes; what is the ultimate goal.  They are destroying the atmosphere, the oceans, the forests, the water and everything else that humans need to survive.

Will they rebuild it, or do they have a more sinister plan for humanity?  Are they even human? They seem to feel that they are the gods, and humans are nothing but tiny ants.  It is not the way that normal humans treat others.

Why are they doing this?  What is their intention for humans and the earth?  If they want to end all wars and make all it's citizens one, how is using hatred and war and death going to accomplish this?  It doesn't make sense.  What are they doing?

Any Democratic Government built on the Party System and financed by Capitalism will eventually become completely corrupt.

That is what we are seeing today in the USA, Canada, Europe and any other democratic countries.  In order to be elected to lead a country, a person must first be selected by one of the few powerful political parties.  And the word 'powerful' means that the party has power through political funding.

Years ago, a person could become a leader by, you guessed it, being an honorable leader.  Today it takes money to earn a position of leadership, and if you don't have money yourself, you require it from a political party, who gets it from corporations and banks, who in turn, control the political party.

Democracies are now controlled by corrupt financiers from the top down.  They own the politicians, which means they own the law of the land.  Any law that they want changed is as easy as calling in a debt from a politician.  It becomes a vicious circle, with everyone getting rich and happily destroying the earth, except of course, for the citizens of the country.

When politicians give away all a countries money, no problem, just borrow more from the financiers.  Of course, the citizens will have to repay this debt, but the politicians will quietly slip away into a highly paid retirement, corporate jobs or overpaid speaking engagements, leaving the people to pay the price.

Until this system is changed, once great countries will truly become shit-holes.  President Trump was right again.  What can we do to change the system?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Canada Election - 2019 If you vote Liberal, you are voting for:

1. The importation of many immigrants from Muslim countries, that are NOT in need, but are being brought solely for political reasons, to live off your tax dollars - for forever if possible.
2. A government that treats Veterans, who have given their ALL to protect your freedom as it is today, like scum.
3. A government that gives billions of your hard-earned tax dollars to terrorists, to overseas terrorist organizations and to returning jihadists; who would rather see you dead, than live peacefully among you in Canada.
4. A government that ignores Canadian law, while globetrotting over the world enjoying your tax dollars, laughing at your inability to stop them.
5. An organization that promotes Islam rather than Christianity in a Christian country.
6. A government that illegally gives millions to know terrorists that pretend to be Canadian citizens, while True Canadian citizens starve and freeze on the streets.
7. A government that is more concerned with promoting political correctness, than plain old correctness.
8. A government that is more concerned with selfies and BS news than it is with the truth.
9. A political party that promotes a shiny pony smile, a nice ass, or a person's good looks, rather than  displaying a love for his/her country, or honesty and integrity.
10. someone that is owned by powerful friends that want to destroy Canada rather than improve it, and put Canada into debt for years.
11. arrogance rather than love.

Monday, January 15, 2018


****Be aware of the misleading advertising on these sites****

I was searching the internet for deals on GPS units, and one of the links took me to the GPS Canada site.  Many countries have similar sites, all owned by the same people (I presume), and their web addresses are all similar formats - i.e.,,  etc.

Their header implies that they sell only Garmin products, and all of their recent links imply the end of Christmas Sale that has been extended.  I'm not sure if this is just a marketing ploy, but I did see a warning from a client back in 2015 about this company.  The purchaser at that time, said it was difficult contacting the site, and after numerous attempts the person answering was rude.  And it is my guess that if you do purchase the product, good luck with the extended 2 year warranty and any map updates. Perhaps this is just a scam that resurfaces every once in a while.  This is what she wrote:

WARNING to all you looking for a GPS unit at a good price on the internet! Got on a GREAT looking site and found what sounds like a really good unit, called the Mustang Dominator 870 hdlm. $200 sounded good, it looked legit and so...i ordered one for my hubby. WELL. I got a Titan, which is ok but NOT WHAT ORDERED! They refuse to tàlk on the phone ànd they take days to even answer an email! THEN they argue trying to convince me to keep what i have or trade for a Garmin! I ..ORDERED.. A Mustang! We'll see how this unfolds but i dont think they are legitimate and i would just put a WARNING out. Stay away from these people! Lesson learned.

The business in Canada, appears to be owned by a company in Los Angeles called CETB Corp., and their site appears to ONLY sell Garmin products.  I'll try to find out information about this company.  Also, the shipping notice near the bottom of the various item descriptions mentions a company called Tabstore, which appears to be in Australia.

They way they get you interested, is to put links on the left of their pages that supposedly take you to Garmin GPS units on sale.  The link takes you to a very nice page with pictures of cars and/or trucks, with the GPS unit on sale listed below.  Almost all of these products come with bundles that include 10 bonus items.

The first few photos and items, appear to actually be Garmin products, but as you scroll down, the word 'Garmin' disappears on many of them, and is substituted with catchy names like, Mustang Dominator, Titan, and Comanche.  These units, I discovered, are NOT Garmin products.  They appear to be products from China or somewhere else - I wasn't able to discover any further information by searching the product name.  Scrolling through the items, you may come across more actual Garmin products to keep you interested.

I have tried to cancel my PayPal payment and the product order.  I will update this post when I have further information.  Anyway - Beware.

***Update - Company sent me the product at 4:08 AM, then at 4:29 AM they also emailed me that the products listed above are not Garmin products, but if I wanted to substitute, I could pay the extra 200.00.  I hope PayPal cancels the payment, then I can buy a reputable product.  If not, I will post about the products quality.

I have returned to Canada and activated my product.  It does work as advertised, but based on the sellers reputation, I would suspect the included 3 year warranty is useless.  I also tried to download map and street updates through as recommended, and discovered that the software used by GPS America etc. is pirated.  I have sent this information to them to report for pirating.  Thus the free lifetime map updates is also a lie.

I have my fingers crossed that the unit keeps functioning correctly, because that appears to be the only feature that was as advertised.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Gender Wars.

I was recently informed that a close friend of my daughter took his life this past weekend.  He had been fighting depression and sadness all of his young life.  He was gay.

I have relatives that were gay, and I loved them with no indifference.  Although not gay myself, I can try to understand the difficulties they face, daily, but I truly can't imagine it.  Families ostracize them, society calls them freaks of nature, and finding love must be an extremely difficult challenge.

Having said this, I think the agenda of people of different genders is not helping them, but creating anger rather than acceptance.  I am probably one of those in the majority that can accept gayness, lesbianism, and transgenderism, as long as it is not flaunted in front of us, or pushed upon us as the new normal.  It is like lepers walking down the street and screaming at us that they are the new normal.

Acceptance is one thing, but forced acceptance is another.  Face it, we don't want to witness gays parading in the streets, half naked and performing gross acts of indecency in front of our children.  We don't want to see confused people on YouTube flaunting 50  new accronyms for what the happen to feel like, and expecting males and females to use the right descriptors, or face being called a racist or even a criminal.  We don't want to see transgenders demanding specific washroom access, or sex changes paid for by the government.  We don't want to see lesbians screaming at rallies, protesting for the rights of women, while at the same time, remaining silent on religions or cultures that degrade women.

Demanding acceptance is only going to hurt your cause.  Forcing laws to be changed, that contradict a countries Christian majority, will not further your goals.  It will only move the general population to despise you, and ultimately, hurt your cause.  If you have never heard this phrase, it is time to heed it.  "Let sleeping dogs lie."

You may have won a small battle in that people are aware of your plight, but now you have pushed so hard that the push back is going to destroy any progress you think you are making.  Acceptance of you is being eroded, and is quickly being replaced by anger.  Multiple genders is NOT the new normal, and if you continue on this path, it never will be.

I still truly believe that society should accept people with different thoughts and feelings and sexual preferences.  Perhaps one day, gays will be able to walk among us without fear, and thoughts of depression and suicide.  But I hope it will be instituted by society as a whole, not through thoughtless laws by liberal governments.

Anyway it is a sad day.  Another human life was lost.