Monday, February 29, 2016

Radical Islam vs. Moderate Islam

Over the past few years, the animosity between Muslims (Islam) and the West (Christianity) has become worse.  Sure, this has greatly been aggravated by the USA and other powerful countries butting into Muslim countries business.  However, this problem has been brewing for centuries, and can't completely be blamed on recent idiotic western leaders.

Like any religion or culture, Islam is led by not only it's Imams, but in many cases, by the rich leaders of Middle Eastern countries.  Many of these leaders fanatically follow their holy book the Quran.  Many passages of the Quran were written by their prophet, Mohammad, and he was a war lording fanatic.  The new leaders are passing his rulings down to their millions, and are strict in it's enforcement.

For example, women are subservient to men and must dress in total body coverings or face the punishment of stoning, acid or even death.  It is fine for a man to rape a woman, but the woman then becomes an adulteror, and can be yet again punished.  If a person of another faith does not convert to Islam, they can be fined, and if they don't pay the fine, they can be killed.  It is allowed to lie to unbelievers, or infidels, in order to accomplish your goals as set out in the Quran.  The object of this religion is to force everyone to become Muslim, and to impose Sharia Law on them.

Oh, and you can't say anything bad about the religion or Mohammad without incurring a death sentence.  As well as declaring war on the West and we infidels, they have stated that they will not only use terrorism, but will now infiltrate our countries with refugees, and destroy our culture from within.  They are currently doing this with mass immigration in Europe, the USA and now Canada.  They are disrupting our legal system with false racist charges, blocking our news from being critical of their atrocities, and now infiltrating our political systems.

Now we have the 'Moderate' Muslims, if there is such a thing.  Many of these people have tried to escape the opression of the previous lives under Sharia Law, and have landed in Western Democratic countries.  They still practice many parts of their religion, but are less bullish in trying to get others to accept their religion and laws.  I would call them 'Sitting on the Fence' Muslims or perhaps 'False' Muslims.

They practice just enough of their faith to hopefully get themselves and their families into paradise.  They are very similar to Christians that don't attend church, but preach their religion to everyone who will listen, but fortunately not quite as persistent as the Jehovah's Witnesses, who would make great Radical Muslims themselves.  They are afraid to speak out against their Imams, particularly if they have the radical ones, but go through all the motions of being a TRUE Muslim.  These wimps give support to their fellow radical murders, in the name of Islam, simply through their silence. 

Anyway, back to our problem.  We in the West, have a lot of Liberal thinkers that see the good in all people and blindly accept that their may be a few bad eggs in the bunch, but you can't judge an entire religion by a few radicals.  However, they forget, the Radicals are leading the pack, and if they say kill infidels or be killed, they will kill infidels.  I'm sure the German people were pretty nice during the Second World War, but they did what their leader Hitler told them, for fear of punishment or death, and the atrocities performed by these nice people were horrendous.

Today we have Donald Trump running for President on one side, threatening to stop all Muslim immigration into the USA until this problem is sorted out;  and Angela Merkel on the other side, allowing Muslims into her country and Europe by the millions, not bothering to see which ones may be trying to rape or kill her citizens.

Call me old fashioned or a redneck, but when a culture or religion declares war on me personally, I would prefer to follow Donald's plan for the present.  I can't tell the good Muslims from the bad Muslims, and I have absolutely NO faith that our government can either.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Liberals and changes to Canadian Citizenship...

I have decided that I want to erase the word 'liberal' from my vocabulary.  It is forever linked to the word 'moron' in my opinion.

They are now proposing changes to the requirements for becoming a new citizen, that once you attain the citizenship 'privilege', it can never be taken away, and even changing the language requirements for new citizens.

So, in effect, anyone can come to Canada, without being required to speak English or French, and attain their citizenship.  They can then disrupt our countries laws and religions, go fight in terrorist wars, beat and rape women, and feel confident that they will now be protected under our new, revised citizenship laws.  This is absolutely sickening, and heaven help the public if they are given driver licenses and cannot read road signs.

Supposedly the 'morons' do not believe that there is a difference between the citizens that were born in Canada, a land of freedom, fought for by their ancestors; and newly arrived refugees.  They call it a two tiered system of Citizenship and don't believe in it - well I do.  So here we go again, changing laws to accommodate freeloaders or the squeaky-wheel.  I can't believe our noodle government is again defacing Canadian laws, giving foreigners more rights than it's citizens.  Shame on you.

I sincerely hope it comes back and bites them 'personally' in the arses.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Spanking - I saw this on Facebook today and just had to comment...

What a crock of shit.  This is one of the main reasons for many of societies problems today.  I don't know whether it is due to the fact that most families have two working parents today in order to survive, and they just don't have the time to discipline their children.  Or perhaps it is just the way society is heading.

Whatever the reason, we are creating a generation of children, soon to be adults, that are bullies, that have no determination of what is right and what is wrong, and who have learned NOT to take responsibility for their negative actions.  If a child learns that his parents will not correct him in a meaningful way if he does something wrong or breaks the rules, he/she has thus learned that there will be no consequences to their actions.

This can include minor actions such as simply breaking rules, to heavier actions such as bullying, hurtful actions to others, and even murder.  The parent that didn't take the time to discipline their children feels remorse and shame if their child goes onto murder.  The liberal parent blames society or the other person for their child's actions.

Not only does this new generation have defective morals, they also grow up to be adults with no backbone.  Because their parents taught them to discuss anger issues and the other problems they face growing up, when faced with true adversity, they prefer to talk rather than to stand up for the morals that they weren't taught. Other stronger-willed persons can basically walk all over them.  Kind of like what is happening in Europe right now with the migrant problem.

Argue all you want about sparing the rod, but it is so true.  If you spare the rod, you spoil the child, and our new generation of leaders will be weak and spoiled.  You asked for it, you got it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I think about how beautiful the world WAS, and still could be.

I think about my beautiful Province of BC and Canada and how we have so many renewable resources to use and sell, that we could almost be self-sufficient.  The excellent climate and the fantastic forests, rivers, lakes and of course the Pacific Ocean with its bounty of fish (albeit radiation from Japan).  The diversified people and their generous ways.  It would be so nice if the world would just leave us alone to enjoy our lives in peace, while at the same time, enjoying their own.

But life isn't always so wonderful.  There are people in the world that are inhumane to animals.  Locking up creatures in zoos and in ocean parks.  Even going so far as to mistreat the animals we raise for consumption. Mean people with no apparent souls and no respect for life.

We also have the rich corporate giants raping the earth for profit.  Destroying our environment and depleting our oceans.  Consuming oil and timber like gluttons. Burying grain and fish to drive up prices, while the poor starve in third world countries.  These corporate leeches have not respect for anything but the almighty dollar.

Religious fanatics that are so weak that they prey on the uneducated and unwanted.  Fanatics that declare war on anyone that does not believe as they do.  Fanatics that murder and cut off heads, rape women and children, and torture others just because they are stronger or outnumber their so-called enemy.  Inhuman people that live off others fear,while trying to force their beliefs on the world.

Corrupt politicians that appear to be the slaves of the rich corporations that have no respect for their citizens, unless there is a profit in it for them.  There are weak politicians that bend to whatever wind is the strongest, whether it is morally right or wrong, eroding our rights and freedoms.  And there are a few strong ones out there too that try to control weaker countries governments, to rape their resources or to create unrest and wars.  Politicians that have never actually worked a day in their lives, but grew up with a golden spoon in their mouths.  Liars, cheaters, thieves, manipulators.

People are so complacent today that they seem to ignore these monsters living among us.  I don't know if it is tolerance or acceptance of the numerous atrocities, but they don't seem to see what is going on around them.  When will they wake up and start to fight back?  When will they run out of cheeks to turn, and develop a backbone?  When will they stand up for their children and grandchildren before it is too late?

I don't believe in harming any person or creature, but my wish for all of these bastards responsible for the destruction of the earth, and its last remaining GOOD people - May you ROT IN HELL.  And the sooner the better.

****I think I'll now take off my shoes and socks and walk around for awhile to try and release some of this negative energy that I am receiving from these nasty people in the world and weakling politicians.  I'd like to feel positive again.

Monday, February 15, 2016

I found this. Have Western Governments gone mad? - I am offended...

I Am OffendedAnonymous
I am offended that our Government uses my tax dollars to pay for both legal and illegal refugees, while I may have to pay their living expenses indefinitely.
I am offended that these refugees can ignore our laws, while following their perverted religious laws that conflict with ours, and we can be charged for disputing this.
I am offended that they can blast their whining ‘call for prayer’ five times a day in public, while we must practice our eroding religion quietly and peacefully, losing holidays for fear of offending them.
I am offended that our Government builds them special rooms in schools, neighborhoods and even at workplaces, and the Lord’s Prayer has been removed from our school system.
I am offended that they feel that women are second class citizens and if over nine years of age and wearing anything but full body covering in public, they are asking to be raped.
I am offended that their religion of dominance, hatred and disrespect of all other religions can be accommodated, while peaceful religions stifled; or everyone else for that matter.
I am offended that our Government is so disgustingly weak, that they bend to the will of this fanatical group, while at the same time, ignoring the will of its own citizens.
I am offended that their religious leaders are given the permission to teach their flock/children the hatred from their psychopathic leader, while Christianity teaches love and peace.
I am offended that they hate everyone outside their religion as infidels, and if others don’t accept their religion and prophet, they deserve to be killed.
I am offended that they are able to use our own acceptance and forgiveness against us by calling us racist when we speak out against them.
I am offended that they hide behind labels such as racist, Islamophobic and prejudice, while they are the worst racists and bullies in the world.
I am offended that the news only covers stories about those fighting against this plague, and news of their transgressions are ignored altogether.
Finally, I am offended that I have to sign this ‘Anonymous’ for fear of reprisal from my own Government.
But who am I?  Just a lonely white guy, and I’m sure that offends them.

Friday, February 12, 2016

I have to apologize to Americans/Canadians in Lake Chapala, Mexico

I recently returned from a 10 day visit to Lake Chapala in the Mexican State of Jalisco.  My good friend has two homes in San Antonio and we had to clean/repair them for new renters.  If you know the Lake Chapala area and it's various communities at all, you will know that many American and Canadian expatriots live there during the winter months, and some all year.

Well, during conversations with his new renter, and numerous other potential renters, the topic of where I live in Mexico always seemed to pop up.  Of course, I live in Cuernavaca, in central Mexico, and when asked why I chose that city over, say, Lake Chapala, my response was always the same.

If I wanted to be with Canadians and Americans, I would return to Canada or the USA, and not move to Lake Chapala.  I was always met with disdaining looks at this response, and I knew why.  These sometimes arrogant visitors to Mexico (in this community particularly) want to force their culture on their new home in Mexico, while at the same time, change all the rules and regulations of the community to be more accommodating to themselves.

Of course, the Mexicans in the Chapala area just laugh at them and their ridiculous rules, and basically ignore them.  Luckily these expatriots band together in their gated communities for safety from the locals, and their rules don't really affect the local population at all.  I guess it is kind of like a bunch of Mexicans or Muslims moving to the USA or Canada, living in their own neighborhoods, and trying to force their religion or culture on them.  Oh, that is already happening with the Muslim invasion, isn't it?

Anyway, I apologize to my American and Canadian friends in the Chapala area.  You are all probably really nice people, but when I visit a foreign country, I kind of like to meet the people of that country and experience their individual culture and maybe actually travel a little.  I've seen most of Mexico already, and I find the people the most friendly and welcoming of any other country I have visited.

So it's nothing against you and it was an absolute pleasure meeting you.  I'll see you when I head back north in the Spring, or on my next visit to Ajiijic and the Casa de la Waffles.