Saturday, October 31, 2015

As our Western/European Governments allow more Muslim immigrants...

into our basically Christian countries, they expect these new residents to be unilaterally accepted into our culture.  However, they tend to forget that there are many Muslim factions (ISIS, Al Queda, Boko Haram, etc) that have declared a jihad (war) on all Christian infidels and they intend to kill anyone who does not convert to Islam.  There are now thousands of Muslims fleeing the problems in their own countries, and entering non-Muslim countries.

Our Canadian, American, German governments expect people to be able to immediately tell the difference between good Muslim and bad Muslim refugees and immigrants, and accept them as new residents and eventually even new citizens.  Even though this new culture establishes itself in isolated areas of our cities and towns disallowing most Christians from entering, and even trying to establish their own system of laws based on the religion and atrocities they are apparently running away from.

I myself cannot tell if a person wearing a Naqib, is expressing some kind of newly-acquired religious freedom, or hiding some intended evil.  When anyone walks around in public with their body and faced covered, particularly when that culture has declared war on me, I am supposed to automatically accept that they are the 'good Muslims' and not the bad ones?

I know that in the Christian faith, people are told that when attacked, turn the other cheek.  I'm not really sure if Jesus meant to accept this religion into our countries and, one day, let them kill us all.  I'm not sure if he meant to allow them to cry racism, and become elected officials to ultimately change our historical laws to coincide with their religion.  I'm not sure if we are racist or prejudice, or if it is them.  I find that the group that cries out 'racism' the loudest, are generally the racists themselves.

It is going to be interesting to see how this great Muslim Exodus plays out in the worlds immediate future.  I must say, as a Christian, I am a little afraid when I see Muslims on our streets.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

To the new Canadian Government - here's what I, an average Canadian thinks...

1. Your decision to pull Canada out of Syria and the ISIS conflict is a good one.  Most Canadians feel that Canada has been well respected by the world for it's 'Peacekeeping' role.  Although, citizens do acknowledge that when threatened, Canadians can be a formidable foe.
2. Further, Canadians feel that their military are necessary, and put their lives in danger to protect us all.  So treat them with respect, and ensure they are given the resources necessary to re-enter society after fighting in a conflict, and to retire with the dignity that they have rightly deserved.
3. Immediately deal with the First Nations issue across Canada.  Hard working Canadians are tired of listening to the complaints of Aboriginal people.  Most think that the money currently given to them is wasted, and just want this problem to be finally resolved.  Today's generation wants everyone treated fairly.
4. It is time to start giving tax breaks to the poor and middle classes rather than the rich.  At the same time, ensure that businesses pay their fair share also, while at the same time, balancing enticements to stimulate business in Canada.
5. Businesses that have the potential to adversely affect the environment must be monitored more closely to ensure they meet all regulatory criteria.  If they break the law, they should no longer be allowed to continue business.  Protection of the environment must come before profits.
6. Canada has always held it's door open to immigrants and refugees.  On this note, however, with Muslims declaring war on Christians throughout the world, Muslim refugees must have even more extensive background checks performed before being allowed into Canada - a predominantly Christian country.  Don't change our laws for the few.
7. If an immigrant/refugee is convicted of terrorism activities in Canada they are sent back to their country and all their rights in Canada are revoked.  If their citizenship was based on a lie while taking the Oath, of course their citizenship should be revoked.  Canadians born in Canada (or overseas to Canadian-born parents) are not required to take this oath, thus there ARE two levels of Citizenship in Canada.
8. Abolish the Senate.  These posts are redundant and a waste of taxpayers money.
9. Change the entire pension system for elected officials to bring it in line with the pensions currently given to bureaucrats.   Number of years service times 2% times an average of their best 5 years salary.
10. Lastly, revamp the entire election system so that we are led by people concerned with the welfare of Canadians, rather than lining their own pockets or representing the interests of their election contributors.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

10 Benefits of Converting to Islam....

1. You DON'T have to follow any man-made laws, only the Quran.
2. You can rape, torture and kill any non-Muslim, and still be one of the chosen people.
3. Martyrdom automatically gets you 72 virgins and to the front of the line into paradise if you are male; but all Muslim males will receive this gift nonetheless.
4. You are part of the select group that will be saved at the End of The World.
5. You get to lie, cheat, steal and murder without judgement, while waging jihad on infidels.
6. You get to shoot neat guns and blow things/people up.
7. You get to wear cool clothes like the hijab, niqab and burka if you are a woman, and be dominated (sorry, cared for) by Muslim males.  Also, if you do not wear the required clothing, you are eligible for a free rape, or if really lucky, a stoning or bullet in the head.
8. Women and men alike can have sex whenever they like, as long as it is not in public, and they are expected to breed like rabbits.
9. You get to chop peoples heads off and make cool videos of these events.
10. And, you only have to pray 5 times a day to qualify for all of these wonderful benefits.


I recently required an incisional hernia repair in Port Alberni.  Of course, I went to Dr. Ferguson's office, my surgeon that had performed the previous two hernia surgeries 12 years ago (which ultimately caused this new hernia).  He is a surgeon with an excellent reputation, but obviously, even his surgeries are not perfect - or maybe it was just my body getting older and starting to break down.

Because this surgeon is quite busy and almost ready to retire, I was transferred to his associate, a relatively new and young female surgeon.  I found her very straightforward and told me that I should definitely have the surgery before leaving for Mexico in two weeks.  I agreed, and did not want to explode while living in a 3rd World country.  We scheduled the operation for about two weeks before my flight.  We both felt that this would give me just enough time to heal for traveling, but unfortunately not enough to lift heavy bags.  I made these arrangements with the airline.

The day of the operation, which is a traumatic enough day as it is, I arrived at the hospital only to be told that my surgeon was in the operating room with an emergency patient.  Would I mind waiting about 4 days and postponing my operation until Monday?  What could I say, someone may be dying in the operating room as we speak.  I said sure, and spent the weekend trying to mentally prepare myself to be cut open on purpose.

The day of the surgery was as good as could be expected, and everyone treated me kindly and with respect - answering all my questions.  When I awoke in recovery, I felt relatively fine, and the nurse told me that everything was successful, and I could go home after the doctor inspected me and I went to the washroom.  I used the washroom and changed, and my son from Nanaimo took me to my old house in Port Alberni (being purchased by my second son), to recuperate for at least the next day or two.

Once I got settled on the couch and we started watching movies, I started drinking lots of water.  We had purchased T3's in case I needed them, but once I came off the anesthetic, I only required regular Tylenol.  This was about 2 PM, and my younger son came near the couch where I was trying to relax, and he asked where the blood on my sweatshirt had come from.  I pulled up my shirt and noticed that the inside of it was covered in blood, and so were my track pants.

Off to emergency.  I almost passed out while giving information to the receptionist (telling her I was not on any blood thinners), and was rushed into a bed.  The doctor on duty asked me what had happened and I explained that I had surgery that morning by Dr. Vanderputten, and the incision had now started to bleed badly.  He told me she was still in the hospital and he would page her.  Meanwhile, he pushed around the incision area after removing the gauze and bandages covering the wound, and could not get the blood to flow again.  The the surgeon arrived and did the same.  She was in two minds about whether she should open me back up, or re-cover the incision and send me home to relax.

She decided on the latter, and back home we went.  Within a half hour of laying on the couch, I again started bleeding.  Back to emergency to check in again, this time bleeding all over the hospital floor.  In emergency, my surgeon immediately came in and called the male nurse (Daniel I believe) and decided they would have to open me back up and see what the problem was.  Because I had eaten, they decided to do a local anesthetic and re-open the wound right there in emergency.  I was scared, but had to get this fixed.  Anyway, after being cut open again, she could find nothing wrong with her surgery.  She asked me about blood thinners I think, but I said no again.

I was stitched and bandaged up again and sent home, everyone scratching their heads.  After lying on the couch again, I noticed some minor bleeding, but decided to dab it with paper towel until it hopefully stopped.  It did stop in about a half hour, and my decision was to then lay still for as long as possible and try to fall asleep.  Hopefully I wouldn't quietly bleed to death during the night without my son even noticing.  My oldest son returned to his home in Nanaimo and said he would call to check on me the next day.

I survived the night, and the bleeding completely stopped.  I decided to do a search on the internet about natural blood thinners the next day, and discovered that I had been taking a natural blood thinner for the past few days.  Because my family has a problem with kidney stones, my daughter had discovered that apple cider vinegar, in small doses, dissolved these stones.  I had been taking a few teaspoons of this for about a week before my surgery.  Smart.

Anyway, the point of my story is that I also went online to see if I could find any information about my surgeon.  I did, and most of it was negative.  Some saying she was uncaring, others saying that she was inexperienced and even bordering incompetent.   I had to disagree, and feel she was extremely professional and caring at the same time.  She was as perplexed as I was about the bleeding, but she did everything she could to discover the problem, while at the same time, trying to ensure I was OK.  Both she and Daniel were the best as far as I was concerned.

Any surgeon that operates on me must first be competent and professional.  I don't need to be treated with kid gloves and definitely don't care about their bedside manner.  It is the results of the operation that I am interested in.  This surgeon was great, and possessed all the traits that I require and I have the utmost respect for good surgeons.  I can't imagine what it would be like to cut someone open.  Every body is different as well as the problems these bodies encounter, and performing this myriad of surgeries must be difficult and challenging at the same time.  One month later - everything is healing great.  Thanks.