Saturday, October 24, 2015

To the new Canadian Government - here's what I, an average Canadian thinks...

1. Your decision to pull Canada out of Syria and the ISIS conflict is a good one.  Most Canadians feel that Canada has been well respected by the world for it's 'Peacekeeping' role.  Although, citizens do acknowledge that when threatened, Canadians can be a formidable foe.
2. Further, Canadians feel that their military are necessary, and put their lives in danger to protect us all.  So treat them with respect, and ensure they are given the resources necessary to re-enter society after fighting in a conflict, and to retire with the dignity that they have rightly deserved.
3. Immediately deal with the First Nations issue across Canada.  Hard working Canadians are tired of listening to the complaints of Aboriginal people.  Most think that the money currently given to them is wasted, and just want this problem to be finally resolved.  Today's generation wants everyone treated fairly.
4. It is time to start giving tax breaks to the poor and middle classes rather than the rich.  At the same time, ensure that businesses pay their fair share also, while at the same time, balancing enticements to stimulate business in Canada.
5. Businesses that have the potential to adversely affect the environment must be monitored more closely to ensure they meet all regulatory criteria.  If they break the law, they should no longer be allowed to continue business.  Protection of the environment must come before profits.
6. Canada has always held it's door open to immigrants and refugees.  On this note, however, with Muslims declaring war on Christians throughout the world, Muslim refugees must have even more extensive background checks performed before being allowed into Canada - a predominantly Christian country.  Don't change our laws for the few.
7. If an immigrant/refugee is convicted of terrorism activities in Canada they are sent back to their country and all their rights in Canada are revoked.  If their citizenship was based on a lie while taking the Oath, of course their citizenship should be revoked.  Canadians born in Canada (or overseas to Canadian-born parents) are not required to take this oath, thus there ARE two levels of Citizenship in Canada.
8. Abolish the Senate.  These posts are redundant and a waste of taxpayers money.
9. Change the entire pension system for elected officials to bring it in line with the pensions currently given to bureaucrats.   Number of years service times 2% times an average of their best 5 years salary.
10. Lastly, revamp the entire election system so that we are led by people concerned with the welfare of Canadians, rather than lining their own pockets or representing the interests of their election contributors.