Wednesday, October 14, 2015

10 Benefits of Converting to Islam....

1. You DON'T have to follow any man-made laws, only the Quran.
2. You can rape, torture and kill any non-Muslim, and still be one of the chosen people.
3. Martyrdom automatically gets you 72 virgins and to the front of the line into paradise if you are male; but all Muslim males will receive this gift nonetheless.
4. You are part of the select group that will be saved at the End of The World.
5. You get to lie, cheat, steal and murder without judgement, while waging jihad on infidels.
6. You get to shoot neat guns and blow things/people up.
7. You get to wear cool clothes like the hijab, niqab and burka if you are a woman, and be dominated (sorry, cared for) by Muslim males.  Also, if you do not wear the required clothing, you are eligible for a free rape, or if really lucky, a stoning or bullet in the head.
8. Women and men alike can have sex whenever they like, as long as it is not in public, and they are expected to breed like rabbits.
9. You get to chop peoples heads off and make cool videos of these events.
10. And, you only have to pray 5 times a day to qualify for all of these wonderful benefits.

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