Saturday, October 31, 2015

As our Western/European Governments allow more Muslim immigrants...

into our basically Christian countries, they expect these new residents to be unilaterally accepted into our culture.  However, they tend to forget that there are many Muslim factions (ISIS, Al Queda, Boko Haram, etc) that have declared a jihad (war) on all Christian infidels and they intend to kill anyone who does not convert to Islam.  There are now thousands of Muslims fleeing the problems in their own countries, and entering non-Muslim countries.

Our Canadian, American, German governments expect people to be able to immediately tell the difference between good Muslim and bad Muslim refugees and immigrants, and accept them as new residents and eventually even new citizens.  Even though this new culture establishes itself in isolated areas of our cities and towns disallowing most Christians from entering, and even trying to establish their own system of laws based on the religion and atrocities they are apparently running away from.

I myself cannot tell if a person wearing a Naqib, is expressing some kind of newly-acquired religious freedom, or hiding some intended evil.  When anyone walks around in public with their body and faced covered, particularly when that culture has declared war on me, I am supposed to automatically accept that they are the 'good Muslims' and not the bad ones?

I know that in the Christian faith, people are told that when attacked, turn the other cheek.  I'm not really sure if Jesus meant to accept this religion into our countries and, one day, let them kill us all.  I'm not sure if he meant to allow them to cry racism, and become elected officials to ultimately change our historical laws to coincide with their religion.  I'm not sure if we are racist or prejudice, or if it is them.  I find that the group that cries out 'racism' the loudest, are generally the racists themselves.

It is going to be interesting to see how this great Muslim Exodus plays out in the worlds immediate future.  I must say, as a Christian, I am a little afraid when I see Muslims on our streets.

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