Monday, February 15, 2016

I found this. Have Western Governments gone mad? - I am offended...

I Am OffendedAnonymous
I am offended that our Government uses my tax dollars to pay for both legal and illegal refugees, while I may have to pay their living expenses indefinitely.
I am offended that these refugees can ignore our laws, while following their perverted religious laws that conflict with ours, and we can be charged for disputing this.
I am offended that they can blast their whining ‘call for prayer’ five times a day in public, while we must practice our eroding religion quietly and peacefully, losing holidays for fear of offending them.
I am offended that our Government builds them special rooms in schools, neighborhoods and even at workplaces, and the Lord’s Prayer has been removed from our school system.
I am offended that they feel that women are second class citizens and if over nine years of age and wearing anything but full body covering in public, they are asking to be raped.
I am offended that their religion of dominance, hatred and disrespect of all other religions can be accommodated, while peaceful religions stifled; or everyone else for that matter.
I am offended that our Government is so disgustingly weak, that they bend to the will of this fanatical group, while at the same time, ignoring the will of its own citizens.
I am offended that their religious leaders are given the permission to teach their flock/children the hatred from their psychopathic leader, while Christianity teaches love and peace.
I am offended that they hate everyone outside their religion as infidels, and if others don’t accept their religion and prophet, they deserve to be killed.
I am offended that they are able to use our own acceptance and forgiveness against us by calling us racist when we speak out against them.
I am offended that they hide behind labels such as racist, Islamophobic and prejudice, while they are the worst racists and bullies in the world.
I am offended that the news only covers stories about those fighting against this plague, and news of their transgressions are ignored altogether.
Finally, I am offended that I have to sign this ‘Anonymous’ for fear of reprisal from my own Government.
But who am I?  Just a lonely white guy, and I’m sure that offends them.