Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Liberals and changes to Canadian Citizenship...

I have decided that I want to erase the word 'liberal' from my vocabulary.  It is forever linked to the word 'moron' in my opinion.

They are now proposing changes to the requirements for becoming a new citizen, that once you attain the citizenship 'privilege', it can never be taken away, and even changing the language requirements for new citizens.

So, in effect, anyone can come to Canada, without being required to speak English or French, and attain their citizenship.  They can then disrupt our countries laws and religions, go fight in terrorist wars, beat and rape women, and feel confident that they will now be protected under our new, revised citizenship laws.  This is absolutely sickening, and heaven help the public if they are given driver licenses and cannot read road signs.

Supposedly the 'morons' do not believe that there is a difference between the citizens that were born in Canada, a land of freedom, fought for by their ancestors; and newly arrived refugees.  They call it a two tiered system of Citizenship and don't believe in it - well I do.  So here we go again, changing laws to accommodate freeloaders or the squeaky-wheel.  I can't believe our noodle government is again defacing Canadian laws, giving foreigners more rights than it's citizens.  Shame on you.

I sincerely hope it comes back and bites them 'personally' in the arses.

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