Sunday, January 29, 2017

Donald Trump and WW3, does he know something we don't?

Since the election of Mr. Trump and having watched his new policies, most of which we have known since his campaign, it is obvious he has had a plan for  some time now, and unlike most politicians, is actually keeping his promises.  This is heartwarming in more ways than one.  He truly seems to be putting America First, and it needed this renewed sense of patriotism.

The last 8+ years has done nothing but tear America apart, polarizing Democrats against Republicans, Blacks against Whites, Rich against Poor and finally, everyone with common sense against Islam.  Obama's policies not only seemed to encourage this division, his slick salesman talk was actually able to fool a great many people.

While we friends have sat around discussing Mr. Trump's policies, some serious questions have arisen. Some obvious ones, like calling the corrupt news media out on the carpet, and describing Liberal thinking/feelings like the idiocy it is, and wanting to protect the borders and the American people from terrorists trying to enter the country and illegal aliens; some things are not quite as obvious.

For example, we can understand why he wants to bring businesses that have left the US back onto US soil, to create jobs and settle some of the dissatisfaction with the previous governments ineffectiveness in this matter.  Not only did the previous administration lose American jobs, they turned their heads at illegal immigrants, and most likely allowed terrorists into the country unvetted.

Now we all know Mr. Trump is a successful businessman, and enticing these large corporations like Ford to come back to town, will give Americans more jobs and will help their economy.  We also know that people that have a paying job feel better about themselves, because they can now support their families, and have less time to protest.

But why would Ford itself return to a country that will force it to pay higher wages, which in turn, will probably lead to higher prices for their product?  You can say patriotism, and you can even say that the 20% reduction in taxes is a benefit.  But why would a company likely decrease it's profit margin in this way, at the same time, aggravating it's current trading partners?

In my opinion, Ford and other returning companies, know something that we don't.  There may be a totally logical reason for this historic return to their birthplace, or they may have some future information that the general public does not.  My hypotheses is that Mr. Trump is preparing for a big war, possibly WW3.  The stage is being set.

First, he is cleaning up American corrupt politics. Secondly, he is letting the public know that most of the news the mainstream media produces is fake news.  Thirdly, he is sending potential threats from inside the USA home (illegal aliens and Muslim terrorists).  In making America First, he is in effect, isolating the USA from many of his so-called partners.  The recent US talks at the UN highlights this.  If you are not behind the USA, we will have your names.

Finally, if a country is preparing for war, it is best to have all your factories on your soil, in full operation.  Remember that during any big war, most manufacturing turns from cars and other things, to building bombs, tanks, etc.  With many of the internal threats thrown out of the country, you can then concentrate on fighting the enemy on their soil, rather than your own.  And war is a great way to bring a divided population back together, fighting a common cause.  And Mr. Trump is smart enough to know that the cause has to be honorable, not based on lies, like previous administrations have done.

This is just my personal opinion, and I guess we'll see.  What do you think?

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