Thursday, January 26, 2017

Indians protesting to protect 'Mother Earth', what a crock of shit.

I will be the first to agree that Indians in North America got the short end of the stick. They were fought by the invading White Man, and their lands stolen; or as in Canada, they basically gave it away in may cases, through attrition.  And in the good old days, they were truly about protecting Mother Earth, and felt that the earth belonged to no one man, but to everyone.

That has all changed.  The White Man is still giving them free money, and bending over backwards to give them Casinos and other sources of income.  I guess some of the politicians still feel guilty for what their ancestors did to Indians a hundred or more years ago.  Indians, not being stupid, have discovered this cash cow, and are milking it for all it is worth.  And now, they have discovered that all you have to do is find something to protest about, and the White Man forks over even more cash.

Now this tactic hasn't worked out so well for all Indians, but most of the chief and their family members on Band Councils have done amazingly well.  Many are even millionaires today, while their band members do all the protesting and receive little of the compensation.  In Canada, many Indians on the reserves are starving and freezing, while their chiefs are on vacation in the Bahamas.

Also, in Canada at least, they have now made it impossible to know how much chiefs have embezzled from the bands.  Canadians pay for their past mistakes, but have now way to tell where the money is going.  Of course, it is pretty obvious to know where it is going, when you hear about starvation on the Reserves, and the chiefs are spending like there is not tomorrow.

Anyway, back to the protests.  Indians will protest about the White Man raping the forests and selling all the timber; they will protest about over-fishing the oceans; they will protest about gas and oil pipelines running through their 'Traditional Lands'.  But the minute government caves in and pays them THEIR CUT, or allows them to over-fish or over-log, the protests seem to just disappear.  Talk about hypocrits.

So much for 'Mother Earth'.  And in conclusion, if Mother Earth belongs to no one group, and instead belongs to everyone, why are their Indian Land claims.  Oh, if only I have been born one generation sooner, I could have my status and stand in line for free handouts like all the other Indians.

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