Saturday, December 24, 2016

Racism - it is an illusion of the real problem.

Racism, in most situations, is not indemic of an entire culture or race.  I say this knowing that there has been genocide in various countries throughout the world, but it does not always involve racism, it is sometimes backed by religion.

I have met thousands of people from all different cultures over the past 65 years or so, and I can count the number of true racists that I have met on two fingers of my left hand.  Yes, out of thousands, only two.

I can't go into the reasons why these two persons became racists, but my suspicion is that one was taught it by his parents and the other experienced a traumatic incident with another particular race, and this affected his judgement of all persons from that race.

However, I have met numerous people in my lifetime that use the word 'racist' as if it was a privilege, because they are not white.  The first was a native Canadian that had been raped by her family when she was a child, and for some reason transferred all her hate onto the white man.

Another, was a black woman, that believed that she should get everything she wanted, and it by any chance, a person of another culture or race got it, they were racists.  Or the system was rigged against her particular race.

Another was an employee, that was the nicest person you would ever meet, when she applied and was interviewed for the position.  She was sweet and completely competant during her first 6 months of work (the probationary period), and then she suddenly changed like a light bulb going out.  She started sloughing off in her job, stirring up animosity with her fellow employees, and pushing for an advantage for advancement.  When it finally reached the point of a grievance being filed, the racist word was flung in my face.

I could go on, but you get the picture.  It seems that people from minorities (and not in all cases) use the 'race' word as a last resort for trying to get something they want and didn't receive, or as a defense for their own inadequacy.  Whether it being indoctrinated into them by parents or friends, or just learned through their own experiences, the result is the same - they try to get others to follow their lead and become as racist as they are.

Now this is not to say that it is only races other than white people that use the word racist as their last option.  I would assume that if a minority of white people living in a predominantly black/asian/other country didn't get their way, they could just as easily use the 'racist' word against their dominating culture.

My final point, as always, Islam.  I find that Islam is the worst of the worst in the racism race.  They have been taught, and continue to teach their children, that women are second class, just above Jews and Infidels (anyone that doesn't follow their faith), that gays should be thrown off roofs, that bad women should be stoned to death; and that everyone else that doesn't follow their corrupt religion, should be beheaded.  Not only that, it is a religion that once you enter, death is the only option if you want to leave.

It is the most racist of all religions, and it has affected numerous Middle Eastern cultures and wants to spread to the entire earth.  Amazingly, the West appears to accept their racism with open arms.  How ridiculous is that?