Friday, December 1, 2017

If we don't wake up soon, the NWO will win.

I caught myself today responding to a post about Justin Trudeau and his cabinet.  They are allowing supposed Canadian Citizens, who have been ISIS fighters, to return from committing war crimes and crimes against humanity overseas without being tried for treason - which is a treasonous act by the government itself.

We have all been watching, whenever news stations actually do their jobs and report it, the invasion of Western countries by a culture that wants to destroy our own culture.  Our governments not only defend this self destruction, they are actively promoting it.  Our governments are corrupt, and have been for some time, and it is obvious they are being paid with either money or power to follow the direction of the NWO.

They are being set up and don't even know it, or if they do, they are part of the big plan.  The NWO has been following this system for decades because it works, and they are doing it today, not on a country by country scale, but on a world scale.  They use governments and people in power to create cultural friction, push for war, then profit from the war they created.

My post today clarified this to me.  I had actually become one of the sheep and called for action from the World Court, which is the NWO.  I fell into their emotional trap after becoming frustrated with my own government.  Of course our Canadian government is completely corrupt, but Canada should deal with Canadian problems.  I have faith that one day soon, someone will stand up to this corrupt bunch of morons and thieves, and they will receive what is coming to them.

In the meantime, I must apologize for pleading with the NWO to enter the scene and take control of our corrupt governments for us.  This is not only happening in Canada, but all over Europe.  The NWO has forced the invasion of the Western World, and is waiting for the inaction of governments and the pleading of citizens to send in the World Calvary.

They won't have to invade, they will be invited.  They will have won, and I can't picture a world run by a bunch of rich, bored greedy old men.