Thursday, April 17, 2014

Morning Speed Walks in Mexico...

It's funny but now that I have been retired for almost three years, I find that I am looking after my health much better now.  Maybe it is because I have more time on my hands now, but deep down, I think it is strictly greed.  I am on a Government Pension, and it is guaranteed for life.  I want my life to be extremely long so I can get the most out of my pension plan.

I live on a cul de sac in Cuernavaca, and it is a very safe place to go for a morning walk.  I wake up at 7 AM every day, and I find that this is a peaceful time to take my walk, and the air is freshest at this time of the morning too.  Our neighborhood has a security gate at the entrance with 24 hour guards, so I feel well protected.

If I make one complete trip around the cul de sac, it is a walk of just about one and a half miles.  Just enough to work up a good sweat and get the old heart pumping for about 20 minutes or so.  I begin the walk with stretching exercises and finish it off with about two glasses of water.  While I'm cooling down after the walk, I think about my blog (and sometimes write one) and check my emails before getting into my morning of writing.

Not only may I receive my pension for many more years than planned, I am actually feeling healthier too.  Amazing.  Now some of the neighbors are starting to join me on my walks.

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