Saturday, April 5, 2014

Are all writers introverts, or just a little different????

I can't speak for all of us, but I am definitely not one, or at least most of the time I think. It's like saying all blondes are dumb or all Mexicans like to fiesta (well, okay maybe they do all like to party).  I have always had many friends, I've been in numerous relationships, I've played bass guitar in a multitude of bands;  but I must admit that since I've began my new career as a writer, I am acting a bit more introverted now than in my extroverted past.

I wonder if I am perhaps a closet introvert, and this is my coming out.  If feeling comfortable spending hours each day with my own thoughts, with only a few friends in the garden out behind my apartment to spend my time with (two iguanas, three squirrels and the occasional tlacuche), then I'm an introvert.  I have discovered that I am actually quite happy in my own thoughts, and don't need as much outside stimulation as I used to.

Maybe it is just a part of being single and/or getting older.  I no longer seem to need another person to fulfill me or make me happy.  I find that I can do that all by myself.  Of course this may have something to do with living in sunny Mexico for seven months a year, and spending the remaining five summer months living on my yacht in Canada.  Nothing too depressing about that.

In conclusion, I think writers have to be introverts while they are writing, and can be whatever they want after that.  That's what I think.

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