Thursday, April 10, 2014

Haven't written a word in five days....

It's funny how a temperature of 103 F. or so for a couple of days throws your ability to focus on basically anything, off.  I know, this is a pretty poor excuse to not get the job done, but when I can't even get out of bed in the morning, it is darned hard to sit down at my laptop and write.

Having said this though, I must admit that most of my dreams during this illness still revolved around my stories and books.  It seems that whenever I daydream now, even when I'm not sick, I'm creating plots and developing my characters.  I guess this is a disease that writers have.  Instead of thinking of cute girls/guys or what we are going to do this weekend, we are caught up inside our stories and refining them over and over again in our minds.

This is probably why friendships at this period of my life are not at the top of my list of emotional requirements - even though I have numerous friends in both Canada and Mexico.  I seem to be doing just fine at the moment with the friends in my mind, thank you very much.  I hope this isn't disassociating me from my current friends though.  I'll have to ensure I don't block them out altogether.

I'm starting to feel more normal today and the fever is gone;  knock on wood.  Maybe I will actually get back in the saddle today or tomorrow.  Book #3 in my series is calling me.  The life of a writer is quite the juggling act  and difficult sometimes - oh, and don't forget to eat sometime during the day.

If I didn't have this blog, I wouldn't have written a thing all week.

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