Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter in Mexico.

Because Mexico is a Catholic country, Easter here is highly religious.  This is not to say that the neighborhood parties will continue every night all weekend (they actually started last night), and some of them may continue all night; like the one last night.  I went for my morning walk this morning, and the music was still blaring from one home down the street.

Tonight we will go to my landlord's Uncle and Aunt's house for dinner.  Uncle Pepe is dying of cancer and psoriasis of the liver, and this may be our last Easter together.  Hopefully not.  He was able to quit drinking (about a bottle of straight brandy a day), but is still smoking.  Gotta have at least one vice.

Easter is a sad time for me in some ways.  I now know that it is getting close to the time I have to return to Canada for five months.  My warm Mexican portion of the year is almost over.  I Skyped with my daughter last night, and she has one more final university exam next week, and then she is finished for the year.  Next September is the start of year four for her.  I have been helping her financially, and it will be nice to have some extra money in my account down the road.

One thing I am happy about though is that I'll be able to see all my children, grand children and other relatives and friends when I return Vancouver Island next month.  Also I have a lot of work to do to maintain my new yacht.  It will be a busy five months I'm sure.  Retired life is extremely busy sometimes.

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