Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Driving when you are tired..

My daughter just had one her friends die in a single car accident, and two others were injured.  There were no skid marks and the car ran directly into a metal lamp post.  It is thought that the driver and passengers were all asleep.  I believe they were trying to drive home (about 200 km) after a night at a concert.

Life is all about taking chances, but there are some odds that are just too high to take a chance on.  Drinking and driving is one of them.  Another is driving when you are extremely tired, unless you have a plan.  One of the passengers has to keep the driver awake.

There are so many dangers out there, and we have to be aware of them, analyse our chances of survival, and make our decision on whether or not to take a chance.  I used to be a working musician and remember numerous nights driving home at 3 or 4 in the morning.  There were times that I had to pull off the road and have a snooze, and other times that I miraculously made the trip.

My best advice to kids today is not to feel invincible, but to make sound decisions based on staying alive.  You only have one life so don't throw it away.

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