Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I could have sworn I was woken up this morning...

by a bird snoring outside my window.  Do birds snore?

I actually thought it might be a dream.  I have had a high fever and headache lately, so I thought it might be delirium or something like that.  But after I was sure that I was really awake, and was actually hearing what sounded like snoring, I knew I wasn't going crazy or imagining it.

It was a rhythmic sound just like regular snoring, but bird size.  Let me explain.  I live the winters in Mexico, and outside my bedroom window is a large palm tree.  The tree sprouts branches with tiny berries on it periodically, and these beautiful birds with yellow breasts love to feed on them.  I also think they spend the night sleeping in the tree to be near their food supply.

I got out of bed and went to the sliding glass window.  I sleep with the screen door only to allow an airflow through my room at night.  The noise of me waking up must have woken up the bird also, and the snoring immediately stopped.  I'll have to see if it happens again.

OK, I wrote this post a couple days ago and am almost over my illness.  i haven't heard any more birds snoring, but I'm staying vigilant.

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