Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Who are these people destroying the world with absolutely no conscience?

Half of the world's wealth is controlled by 85 persons.  Can you believe that?  And they are getting richer every day.  They have bought politicians, created wars, changed laws for themselves, and control the world's financial system.  With their greed, no wonder our world is in the state it is.

They control most of the important companies in the world, and their bottom line is driven by profits - and profits only.  They don't care about the environment, fairness, compassion or anything else that matters to normal people.  They only care about power and greed.

Are these people aliens, or just raised without morals?  Did any of them actually earn their wealth, or was is passed down from the previous generation?  How did they get this way?  How can they be stopped before they destroy the world?