Friday, April 11, 2014

Cancun at Spring Break (and any other time too)...

Two of my friends from Cuernavaca are students and just flew off to Cancun for Spring Break.  I'm kicking myself for not warning them about the abominable prices of taxis into the city from the airport.  These guys may act nice and smile a lot, but I think they are really sharks in human suits.

When I was in Cancun two years ago, I arrived walking on crutches, and I remember vividly it was a rainy evening.  Because I was trying to walk and drag my suitcase along with me, these taxi drivers had me hooked.  I had to use them.  Only it was me being used to the tune of $50.00 US.  Yes, you heard me right, fifty dollars for a 20 minute ride to my apartment near the Ferry Terminal.

Just a few hundred feet past the taxi area, and if your flight arrives at a decent hour, you can always catch a city bus for about, geez, the price of a city bus.  But on crutches, I was stuck.  To make matters worse, the driver had no clue where I was going.  We had rented an apartment at the Amara Cancun for a few months, and because it was a relatively new building, no one seemed to know where it was.

I was tired and mad and it was dark and rainy outside, but I had luckily looked up the apartments on Google and memorized the photos of what the twin buildings looked like.  I thought that if I could get the driver near the Ferry Terminal, I might be able to see the apartment building.  Luckily I was right, and we made it.

Taxis and buses around the city are the same as everywhere else in Mexico - cheap.  In town I found taxi prices even better than Cuernavaca.  And Cancun, what a beautiful little oasis.  There is nothing to describe the ocean colors in the bay, and Isla Mujeres is fantastic (especially the ferry ride at night).  Maybe next year I'll drive there with my new Mexican Driver Licence.