Sunday, April 6, 2014

Winston Blackmore in Bountiful, near Creston BC...

I am writing a series of books about growing up in northern Idaho and southeastern BC, and believe it or not, I was born in Creston, BC.  And even more interesting, one of my later stories will be including a small tidbit about the Blackmore family in Creston.  I knew some of them.

So to let the cat out of the bag prematurely, what I learned about the Blackmore family was that they had a kind of hillbilly attitude and lived out near Wynndel and didn't come into town much.  I had personal contact with Dean Blackmore on a few occasions, but of course at the time, I and my friends didn't realize that they were a family of polygamists.

Our impressions of them, being teenagers, was that they were all a bunch of bullies.  They bullied their way everywhere they went in town.  They had this inherent attitude that they were better than everyone else, and now I realize that they actually seemed to believe they were gods or at least going to be one day.  I disagree, I think they are simply bullies that bully everyone around them, particularly their wive(s) and children.

I would actually compare them to the fundamentalist groups like the Taliban in many ways, but unfortunately they are either Canadian or American citizens; so their actions are apparently accepted on our own countries soil.  I am amazed at what they can get away with here, but don't be a Muslim and try it, you'll get bombed (and I don't mean drunk).  Of course the Taliban were much worse - or were they?  Domination and subjugation of women, raping young underage girls (sorry, marrying them with their parents consent, yeah really), human trafficking across international borders, slavery.  Okay I guess they may be as bad as the Taliban.

My cousin and I used to play pool after school at our local pool hall.  Dean was five or six years our senior, and a good foot taller than us.  He had probably received what little schooling he was to get by that time, and by his mental attitude, I would consider him to have the mind of a very big child at best.

He used to go around the pool hall and tap all the smaller kids on the top of the head with the tip of his pool cue.  He did this to my cousin a few times laughing all the time, and well, you'll have to read the book in a year or two to find out what happened.  Let's just say he never did this again, to anyone.

Now that I know that his father figure was also probably a bully, you don't have to go far to realize where the Blackmore children got it from.  Take that training and apply it to your wives and children, and then use your faith as a cover for this abomination, you have a perfect cover (in Canada, behind the charter of rights and freedoms).  Unfortunately they believe one day they'll be gods - but I consider them to be following a much less godly word; and 'Black' is definitely the color they remind me of.

Maybe they should be sent to Afghanistan to practice their religion there - then someone might do something about it.