Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Canada allowing foreign workers into the Country to replace Canadian workers...

McDonald's has been in the new recently in Canada regarding this topic.  Now it is being discovered that other businesses and corporations are being investigated for the same thing.  Of course all of them are screaming that they followed all of the rules, but what exactly are the rules?

The first rule is "Canadians must always be first in line for available jobs".  God, it's just too easy to get around this policy.  Just lower the desirability of the job so low that no Canadians will want the position, and you have opened the door to foreign workers.

The other basic rules are simply that the business is in business to provide a service in Canada and that they will employ people fairly and follow Canadian employment rules.  Nothing really specific.  They have made it extremely easy to replace Canadian workers with foreign workers.   Shame on you Government of Canada.

McDonald's, being a large multi-national corporation, has taken this program and bending the rules to the next level.  They are not only reducing long term Canadian employees salaries, overtime availability and promotion abilities;  they are importing employees from third world countries promising them the world, and then forcing them to work and live almost like slaves.  Instead of being able to send money to their families back home, they are having to ask their poor families to send them financial help.

Because McDonald's appears in the forefront of this controversy, I would suspect that they were the corporation responsible for promoting this program to the Canadian Government and getting it pushed through.  Just my guess.  I think I'll boycott McDonald's, even thought I don't eat there often anyway.

If people keep letting unfeeling corporations, politicians and other greedy powerful people run our countries and lives based on their distorted priorities (money and power), the lower and middle classes of the world will continue to be abused.

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