Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm not a religious man, but is the Devil working on the Earth?

Mass murderers have been abounding over the past years, particularly in the USA, but also in other countries around the world.  They come in the guise of Presidents, Generals, and in some cases even religious leaders.  What kind of mind does it take to take someone elses life, and then feel absolutely no guilt over it?

Guns in many cases have made killing easier, but guns are the instrument, not the cause.  Lately there have been numerous murders in Canada.  Because gun laws are more stringent in my home country, murderers are using other handy objects - like knives.  To me this is almost as bad as murderers in Mexico using machetes.  They are knives too, just bigger.

In Canada recently, the murders are nothing but children or young adults.  What has driven them to perform these acts?  Why didn't anyone suspect they were having these thoughts?  I can understand how the victims didn't realize they were about to die because I believe they had absolutely no idea they were a target.  What a surprise to be sitting around with your friends having a couple of drinks and enjoying life; when all of a sudden a maniac thrusts a knife into your chest.  I can't imagine it.

My only thought is that there is something evil at work here.  If there is a God then there must be a Devil.  And these murderers cannot be doing it on their own.  Can they?