Friday, April 4, 2014

Photo of Miley Cyrus kissing her dog....

I saw a photo of her kissing her recently deceased puppy yesterday, and it reminded me of some of my friends that do the same thing.  I'm sorry, but this absolutely disgusts me.  I love animals (I've had numerous pets) and I can understand that many people think of their animals/pets as family;  but come on people, cats and dogs clean themselves by licking their butts.  And dogs sniff other dogs butts when they meet them.  Gross.

You are really going to let a dog or cat kiss you on the mouth after cleaning their private parts?  I guess if you think of them as family, that somehow makes it alright - you know, their germs are my germs.  But what if your child was able to clean themselves in the same manner?  Would you let them kiss you on the lips right after?  Not me.

I'm sorry you lost your loved pet Miley, but please, no more photos of kissing animals.

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