Monday, March 31, 2014

Tequila anyone?????

I finally finished the first draft of my second book in the series, and was feeling pretty good about myself this weekend.  I was up early doing my morning ritual of speed-walking a mile and a half or so; and decided yesterday that I should finally try out the pool in the back yard.  The landlord has been keeping it clean all winter, but no one has really used it yet.  And it was hot yesterday, about 37 C.

After a little siesta in the afternoon, I heard activity coming from outside near the pool area, and one of our German students that lives in our casa, was skimming the pool and one of her girlfriends was already in, soaking up the coolness of the water.  I quickly changed and headed down my spiral staircase to the back yard (my apartment is new and the only one on the second floor of the house).

I learned that the German tenant had a visitor from her home country for a few weeks, and they were too hot in their room; which faces directly into the afternoon sun, unlike mine.  It wasn't long before the student had to leave to Skype her family back in Germany, and that left her friend and I to get acquainted.  We spent almost two hours chatting in the pool, and of course I had a beer to keep me even cooler.  She got my whole life story, children, writing, career and everything.

After the pool, I had a visit from Raul, my landlord.  He and his girlfriend, and everyone else I assume, had a meeting a decided that they would get food and beer and come up to my veranda for an evening dinner and party - if it was alright with me, of course.  How could I say no?  Even though I had planned on having a quiet evening, a quiet party was nothing to worry about.

I drove the gang to Tres de Mayo and we bought ribs and chicken from a carbon vendor (one chicken for 70 pesos including rice/tortillas and onions/chiles).  I had already eaten after swimming, but bought a chicken anyway - I love barbecue chicken in Mexico.  When we got back to the casa, I headed upstairs to get the tables and chairs organized and open another beer.  I put my chicken in the fridge for another day.

Everyone arrived, and Raul and his girlfriend had their ribs and rice with Bloody Mary's to drink. They love the Lea & Perrin's I brought from Canada.   Later they switched Paloma's (tequila with squirt, and salt around the rim).  The two girls are vegetarians and brought a salad and tortillas.  We later convinced them to try a shot of tequila, but they didn't particularly like it.

However, I do, and I proceeded to have about four Bandera's, (meaning flags, containing tequila, limon and Sangrita) as the conversation bantered around.  After lots of laughter and food and drink, it was about 11 PM when everyone finally left.  I was glad we got together, but also happy that I was able to get into bed at a relatively early hour.  Besides I had to do my morning walk today and get to work writing Book #3.

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