Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'Creature Sightings' in Calgary, Alberta...

I viewed this CNN News report about this group today, and couldn't believe it.  Actually I think I recognized the guy with a black eye in the cover photo - I'll try to remember his name.

Who are these idiots anyway?  I wouldn't doubt that they are the same morons that walk past an elderly person on the street and then hit them in the head from behind.  Maybe it's because these gangs are insulted by old people out in public.  Trying to justify taunting the homeless by saying the general public is disgusted by homeless people, is the type of response normal people would expect from these bullies.  Don't use people like me to justify your distorted morals.

Perhaps one day they will themselves become homeless, and reap the benefits of this perverted group that they've created.  Get a life you losers, and remember 'what goes around comes around'.

Oh, and I loved one of their founding member's response to the news media questions: "...if you don't like this group, find another one to look at, like its an easy grade 2 solution i can't believe im even having to present to someone over the age of 12."  I love the spelling and punctuation - talk about Grade 2!

But really, what more could we expect from their group's Grade 2 philosophy 12 year old mentality.  Maybe the RCMP should pass out pepper spray to all the homeless in Calgary, or put a couple under-covers on park benches, and we'll soon put a stop this nonsense.  What do you think?