Monday, March 17, 2014

What does "Alto" mean while driving in Mexico????

I drove to a birthday party yesterday afternoon and almost had to use my insurance for the first time.  This new lesson is starting to sink in.  If everyone in Mexico ignores Stop Signs, then intersections can be extremely dangerous.

I slowed down at the stop sign just like everyone else and quickly looked ahead for cars turning in front of me, looked left and then right.  It looked safe enough to me, but then out of nowhere a tiny red car came zipping from my right and apparently didn't see the stop sign.  Maybe Mexican drivers are all color blind and can't see red.  No, that can't be true, because they know not to park where the curb is painted red.

Anyway, I got to check out the brakes on my car really well, and I'm happy to report they are fine.  After that scare though, I decided to slow down even more at intersections; or anything that even remotely resembled an intersection.  I wonder what effect a "Yield" sign would have here?

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