Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Windows Backup and Restore

I back up my writing daily onto two zip drives (16 gb and 32 gb).  I also use a 1 tb external hard drive to back up my books; but I also like to use it to do a full system backup and a full backup of all of my files (music, word and excel documents, photos etc).  A few weeks ago my Windows Backup and Restore suddenly quit working.

I contacted Windows and they referred me to the Support Community.  I have spent numerous hours following the various suggestions on the site - all to no avail.  I was totally frustrated yesterday and tweeted Microsoft Support and received basically the same suggestions.  Again nothing worked.  Finally I noticed that one member of the community had thrown up his hands also and reverted to an old Norton Backup Program that he had kept around.  He also suggested a new free program called EaseUS.

I downloaded and installed this new program and it worked like a charm.  I have now disabled MS Backup and Restore messages and will use this free program.  Microsoft you had better get your act together or you may be heading down the same road as Blackberry.  Sorry my rant for the day.