Saturday, March 29, 2014

Well, finished the first draft of my Second Book....

I can't believe it has taken me so long.  My winter life in Mexico is getting busier every day, and I am finding it difficult to assign specific time to writing on a daily basis.  I think what is happening is that even though mornings are my dedicated specifically to writing and writing related tasks, with all the interruptions, it is hard to concentrate, focus and get the job done.  I'm sure this is a problem all writers face from time to time.

Even though I'm not accomplishing as much book writing as I had hoped, I have developed my Twitter, Facebook and a new Blogger accounts.  I am writing on these almost every day, and consider them all a type of promotion for my books.  I guess I'm not totally wasting my time.  It is, however, becoming a juggling act to keep my life and work on track.

On another good note, I have found a potential translator to eventually translate my series of books into Spanish.  Down the road I also hope to find a Mandarin translator for the vast Chinese market; once I discover how exactly to publish there.  Oh well, I had better get this second book off to the editors...

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