Saturday, November 15, 2014

Terrorism has come to Canada. What should we do, or do I even have a say?

I am currently retired and living during the winter months in Mexico; spending my spring and summer at my home on beautiful Vancouver Island.  I like to keep up on world news, and particularly Canadian content, while I'm away.  Now that Canada is participating with the USA and other countries in the coalition fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, terrorists have brought their fight to our soil.

I may be spending the winters away from my country, but I am still a Canadian - born and raised.  I spent almost 60 years living and working in Canada, and now that I can, I choose to spend the cold winters in sunnier climates.  Recently, after commenting on a Toronto Star or other news article about the problem of Canadian born terrorists going to Syria and then returning to Canada, I received a reprimand.

My comments were unimportant, but a response I received from a fellow Canadian was not.  I was called an 'expat', which in my mind (and the USA Expatriation Act), meant that I had relinquished my citizenship or had had it stripped from me.  This is what expatriate meant to me.  It is now my understanding that 'expat' also applies to retired Canadians that reside part of the year outside Canada.  It was not his use of the word expat that bothered me so much, it was the context in which he used it.

His implications were that because I spent my winters outside Canada, I should not have a say in what my country does unless I provided specific solutions, and I should rather concentrate on the many problems found here in Mexico.  After deciding that this fellow was actually a bit of an idiot, I did realize that he had one valid point.  I could not only spend some of my golden years assisting with the problems in Canada, I could also help out here in my 2nd home, Mexico.

So anyway, to the jerk, thanks, and here are a couple of my solutions; instead of your suggestion that we basically just let these people come and go as they please.  Our border guards, police and CSIS are already far overworked. 

1. A Canadian leaves to fight jihad against non-Muslims (which includes most Canadians).  Charged with treason and sent directly to jail.  But hopefully they will be killed in a Canadian airstrike and this problem will not arise.

2. A Non-citizen leaves Canada to fight jihad.  If they have a Canadian Passport, it is revoked and their information added to the customs database to stop them from re-entering Canada.  Immediate deportation and never allowed back into the country.

3. This then leaves the citizens/non-citizens that have already left and now returned, and it is unknown whether or not they participated in the jihad.  There appear to only be about 90 of these people, so it shouldn't be too taxing on our Government to watch them.  24 hour surveillance for all of them, and if they are found to have participated in the jihad, if Canadian, charge them with treason;  if non-Canadian, send them back to Syria or their home country.  Drop them off via parachutes if you have to.

4. Of course, anyone providing money or other assistance from Canada to these terrorists should be charged and dealt with as in 3 above.

Face it, Canada's perception has now changed from Peacekeeper to Coalition Participator.  So let's start being more aware at home, particularly at large events, and protect ourselves and our Country against these lunatics.

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