Thursday, November 13, 2014

Imposter at Canada Day Ceremony in Ottawa interviewed...

I am not a vet, but have had many veterans in my family (including my father).  I am totally amazed that this fellow was able to blend in and actually be interviewed on camera on Canada Day.  He must have done some fancy footwork to make this happen.

My opinion is that he is either crazy, a publicity seeker, or lastly, has ulterior motives that may not be nationalistic.  If it is the latter, his fake uniform worked well.  But I wonder why the veterans and servicemen didn't do anything more than just notice him and feel angry.

With the country under threat of terror, and terrorists apparently targeting large congregations of people (particularly soldiers so far), then why on earth didn't anyone actually confront him.  If it was so obvious to attendees that he was an imposter, why didn't find out what was actually going on, rather than just getting angry.  Particularly since Canada is currently under threat by terrorists.

I think people have to start becoming more aware of their surroundings, especially at large gatherings, and question things that are out of the norm.  Don't just notice them.  It is scary that this nut was able to blend in so well, and no one actually did anything about it at the time.

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