Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ISIS jihad - On the positive side.

The situation with ISIS in the Middle East is quite sad in many ways.  But on the positive side, I believe it has created the perfect platform for a means of cleansing some of the worlds new and youngest monsters, who would have probably been culled naturally anyway.

ISIS has called on supporters from all over the world, the weak-minded fanatics, or those without a peaceful direction in life and who will follow anyone like sheep, and amassed them all in one general place.  This has now made it much easier for the USA and it's coalition to bomb the hell out of them, while at the same time, destroying ISIS and it's leaders.  Instead of having to weed these traitors out from the various countries throughout the world, they are now all in one general area overseas, just asking to die.  Give them what they want.  I feel sorry for their parents though.

When the conflict is finally over, it is critical that any surviving jihadists are not allowed to return to Canada or whatever Western or European country they came from.  This will be the perfect opportunity to leave them in Syria or Iraq, or whatever Middle Eastern country they are in at the time of the end of the war.  There they will get what they deserve from the locals they have been killing.

Secondly, this conflict has awakened peace-loving countries, and they are re-examining their immigration laws and policies.  It is time for them to better screen new arrivals, and turn back criminals, before they are able to abuse our immigration and welfare systems.  There are a lot of immigrants out there that really do want to move to the West to improve their lives, not destroy others.

Okay, I'll try not to blog about war and death all the time.  But this seems to be all that is in the news recently.Should I concentrate on writing about books or living in Mexico?