Monday, November 24, 2014

Free medical heroin prescriptions in Vacouver BC coming soon.

I read an article that soon, medical heroin will be administered by the Vancouver Addiction Clinic to heroin addicts that cannot seem to quit.  I agree that drug addiction is a terrible thing, and my heart goes out to those people addicted to them.

But wait a minute, aren't there other dangerous and addictive drugs out there that people are trying to quit?  Perhaps there should also be Government controlled sites where this group of addicts can shoot or snort quality controlled cocaine, crack and other impure drugs.  And what about the drug dealers that just can't seem to quit pushing.  They've tried so get other work, but with no success.  Should they be provided with safe outlets to sell their Government provided safe drugs to clients?

And what about the alcoholic that has been trying to quit for years?  Should there be free alcohol provided for them in a controlled situation.  Oh my goodness, what about the other criminals in our society that have been trying to beat an addiction.  What about the rapists that just can't seem to get control of their sexual urges.  Perhaps they could be provided with a safe place to rape their Government inspected victims, while at the same time, receiving free counseling until such time as they are able to quit.  What about mass murderers that truly can't seem to stop.  Should they be given free reign under controlled situations until they get their addiction curbed?

If we want to do something truly helpful for people who truly need it, how about providing food and shelter to those that can't find a job and are trying to support themselves and/or their families, instead of supporting medical drug manufacturers, or worse, the drug cartels.  Your tax dollars at work.

Has the Government gone completely crazy?

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