Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My 4th winter in Mexico...

Winters in Mexico are fantastic.  I'm well into my 2nd month of 7 in my 4th winter living in Mexico.  Today a strange thought struck me.  I remember my first winter here, and it was totally new and exciting.  Every day seemed like a new adventure, and the warmth, oh how I enjoyed the freedom from Canada's cold winters.  Now, it all seems normal.  I am still busy, and I'm sure there are many adventures to come, but life here now leaves me with a feeling that I can only describe as comfortable.

Although I live my summers on Vancouver Island, I can clearly remember the winters there were nothing like winters on the Prairies or the Rocky Mountains.  But it can still get cold - especially compared to Mexico.  Cold here, now that we are into November, is a chilly 75 degrees during the day and an icy 60 at night.  It sends shivers down my spine just thinking about life in Canada at this point in time.

The winter smells here are extremely similar to the summer smells back home, but perhaps just a little more pungent.  However, the sounds of the local birds (including roosters crowing every morning) and insects are completely different than Canada.  Today I noticed hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower in my yard, and realized that they seemed much larger than the northern variety.

I now own a car and have my Mexican driver license, so I think it is time to do some exploring.  Hopefully this will put a little spice back into my life. It is funny how as we grow accustomed to new situations, excitement wains.  So now it's time to make a new life decision.  Do I sit back in my new comfortable position, or do I get out there and explore more of the world?

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