Friday, November 14, 2014

Jian Ghomeshi and Chimpanzees.

It states that scientists believe that overly aggressive chimpanzees have developed this trait in order to procreate more often and create more offspring - continuing their blood line.  Darwin's theory, I guess.  It's ironic that this article has been published shortly after the public heard about the CBC's problems with Jian Ghomeshi and the numerous accusations of his sexual abnormalities.

Perhaps if Mr. Ghomeshi can be scientifically linked to Chimpanzees he can get off any potential charges on a technicality.  I don't believe it is yet possible for a chimpanzee to be charged with sexual assault or even rape like a human can be.  His lawyer should get him tested to see if he has any chimpanzee DNA in his jeans (sorry, genes).  Oops, I guess we all do.  BTW, I wonder what a lawyer thinks in order to convince themselves that an apparently guilty client is innocent.  Then, can they sleep at night, or does their paycheck eliminate their own feelings of guilt?

So, if the Government continues with charges, he could just use the defense that 'The monkey made him do it'.

Sorry to make light of this situation, particularly for his or any other rape or sexual assault victims, but this type of behavior is inexcusable, for any human being.  The monkey defense just won't fly.  Sorry scientists, nice try.

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