Friday, March 11, 2016

What is really going on in Europe and the West with the influx of Muslims?

In Europe, the mass takeover by Muslims is amazing.  Not only have millions flooded in undeterred, many of these are thought to be terrorists.  They have been given a safe haven, money, and even secure neighborhoods (free from policing), to plan their next attacks and eventual takeover of Europe.  The men don't even have to work, giving them unlimited free time to rape and spread their seeds throughout the world.

Somehow they have either bought off the politicians and news media, or these two are just inept at knowing what is really happening in their countries.  For any government to give precedence to an invading army over it's own people and culture is complete lunacy - unless there is another agenda in play behind the scenes.  What might that agenda be?  I can understand the philosophies behind Islam, but what in God's name are the politicians objectives?

What better way to disrupt and eventually take over a country when your religion/race is the minority.  File racism and freedom of religion charges against the residents of the country that fight against you, tying up the courts and news with these bogus complaints.  This gets the public's attention away from the real plan.  What is that plan?  Well, I'm not sure myself, but I am sure we will find out, once their numbers increase.

In the USA, they have much smaller numbers of those blindly following Islam, and they are currently concentrating on the divide and conquer tactics using organizations like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to keep things stirred up, and people's minds on minuscule issues rather than the real issues.  Issues like rape, stoning, terrorism and religious domination.  The same is true for Canada.  This next US election will be a turning point for Americans, and let's hope it is a turn in the positive direction, not down the road to hell.

Myself, I do not blame the Muslims themselves for all of our current woes.  They are just sheep following their false prophet, and although they are fanatics and their religion is one of hate, they are just doing what they are told to believe and do.  No different, in many ways, than any of the other supposedly civilized religions.  It is the world leaders that have gotten us into this mess, both through their actions and inaction's, and they should be the ones to eventually pay the price.

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