Monday, March 21, 2016

How I'd love to live my life and with others would too.

1. Visit my family more often and hug them each and every time.
2. Help those less fortunate than myself.
3. Those I help that show not gratitude, fuck off and help no more.
4. Believe in a higher being and goodness, refraining from joining any religion or cult.
5. Work hard all my life and plan for my own retirement.
6. Help my children achieve a higher education.
7. Contribute something tangible to the world, writing, music, etc.
8. Consider the earth first in all decisions.
9. Treat animals as kindly as people.
10. Give criminals a second chance, but not a third.
11. Respect all cultures and religions as long as they respect my beliefs and do not try to force theirs on me.
12. Support only those politicians that are honest.
13. Support bailouts of Canadian ONLY companies that, in turn, support Canadian workers.
14. Look for ways to decrease my fossil fuel consumption.
15. Try to live and eat healthy for a long life with my family.
16. Investigate the issues and believe what I have determined is the truth.
17. In any way possible, attempt to pay fewer bank user fees and interest, and reduce my taxes whenever possible.
18. Support helping those in need in my own country, before those in other countries.
19. Establish a long list of true friends.
20. Treat everyone with dignity and respect, just as I expect them to treat me.
21. Try to ignore the terrible things happening in the world and try to retain a semblance of happiness.
22. Think before I speak and before I post online.
23. See the world, or what's left of it - before it is destroyed by men.