Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It is so sad when a person makes every decision in life based on ONE physolophy...

For example, a true Christian will 'turn the other cheek' until the sun sets.  No matter what you do to them or their families, they will respond to your atrocities with kindness and forgiveness.  Sure this is fine when they are helping those people truly in need, or managing their own lives in general. They even go so far as to graciously let other people have different beliefs than theirs.  They always expect that the goodness in people will eventually win out. 

Unfortunately they are wrong!  There are some extremely terrible people out there, running countries, controlling the banks, raping the land; and other religions with philosophies that are exactly the opposite of their own beliefs of generosity and kindness.  Religions that teach hatred, deceit, domination and worse, death to those that don't believe as they do.

Judaism is a perfect example of taking 'turn the other cheek' to the limit.  Most of them stood by and watched as Hitler tried to destroy their race/religion.  They hoped that it wasn't really happening and that no one in their right mind would try to eliminate every Jew they came in contact with.  They were wrong, and before they had the chance to stand up for themselves (if they would have in the first place), 6 MILLION or more of them were murdered.

Islam and Muslims are on the opposite end of this 'kindness' spectrum.  They don't believe in helping others, they believe in dominating them or killing them, whichever comes first.  They don't believe people are equal, they are superior to all others; and Muslim men are even superior to Muslim women.  Their prophet was a bully that killed everything and anyone in his path, and he was nice enough to pass on his teachings to his ignorant people.

Islam has been fighting for over 1300 years, and for some reason has recently increased its efforts again.  They have been fighting each other during most of this period, but have now concentrated their efforts on Christianity and our Western Culture; albeit relatively peacefully at the moment.  And it is working because the West is living the life of luxury and seems to be oblivious to this quiet attack.  Let's hope they wake up soon, and remember that the Bible (or any person with common sense) also teaches that a person has the right to protect themselves and their beliefs - even if their own government will not.

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