Monday, March 21, 2016

Name one religion that is truly good...

It has taken me many years to realize that I DO NOT want to be part of any religion.  Every religion I have ever investigated wants complete control over your mind, your actions and/or your money.  There appear to be 3 main religions in today's world, the big three, and they are all corrupt.  They all have in-fighting and various sects that have broken away from their original philosophy.

Take the Jewish Faith for instance.  There are the staunch Orthodox Jews that believe they are the true 'Children of Israel', and that the Zionists that live in Israel are not true children of Israel.  They refuse to believe Christ was God's son, and were even the instrument of his death.  They believe they are currently in their 2000 years of banishment from their homeland, and that God will save them and put them in charge of the world if they blindly follow the laws of the Toran.  The Zionists, on the other hand, believe in monetary and military control of their homeland, and that the Orthodox Jews are old fashioned.

They we have Islam.  If all Muslims followed the teachings of the Quran, they would be the chosen people.  Anyone in their way that does not convert to the Islamic Faith should be destroyed.  They are similar to Orthodox Jews insofar as they believe in strict adherence to their Imams (similar to Orthodox Rabbi's), but they take it a step further.  If you leave their faith, you should be killed along with the non-Muslim infidels.  They demand complete submission to the faith and any rules they determine to be from their savior, Mohammad.

Then there are the thousands of sects of Christianity, with the Catholics leading the charge.  Their phylosophies are much less stringent than the other two religions, but in essence, they want their followers to blindly follow their many rules and regulations from Jesus Christ. Of course they have uses Christ's name to try to convert half of the world, and in many cases, with violence; but their fundamental belief is that Jesus Christ was the son of God, and that he died for everyone's sins.  To make it even worse, he was Jewish, and was condemned by the Jewish people of the time.  Christianity seems to be more concerned with peoples money today, rather than their souls.

I have come to the conclusion that the majority of religious leaders today are more concerned with power, control and amassing wealth than any of them are for the congregations they supposedly represent.  When you take these perverted idealists and give them the power to control the world's finances, the world's leaders, and the world's new media, you can see that the entire world is in dire straits.  If it didn't appear to be a truly life and death struggle, it might be interesting to watch - from the sidelines.

I hope, that if there is a true God, these people will be first on his list of those to destroy when Armageddon finally arrives.

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