Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Allah and God are at war, and nobody seems to know it.

Many religions/cults throughout history have not gotten along.  Unfortunately the two big guns, Christianity and Islam seem to be starting one of the biggest religious wars in modern history.  And everyone seems to be ignoring it, or calling it something different altogether.  The concept of multiculturalism and political correctness currently being followed and promoted by the West are promoting this clash.

Mixing Christians and Muslims is like mixing oil and water.  Allowing Muslims to immigrate into a Christian Society is inviting disaster.  Islam does not want to join another countries culture or religion, it wants to dominate it or stamp it out completely.  Islam is a cult of deception and lies, hatred and death.  Christianity is a religion of peace and love.  Can you understand why the two might not get along?

Any sane person or government can clearly see that when a group threatens that it will use the guise of refugees to smuggle their terrorists into Europe and the West, they might follow through on their threat.  When their holy book tells them to lie to all infidels, particularly when they are outnumbered, that their talk just might be lies. When their culture tells them that it is fine for men to marry and rape any female over 9 years old, that this might just be at odds with Western Culture?

My forefathers fought to keep our Canadian values, and it is absolutely sickening to watch our Government (if you want to call them that) pay to bring in these people that have threatened our culture, give them housing, food and money, and to be repaid with disdain and showing little or no gratitude.  While at the same time, our homeless and veterans are living outside in our cold Canadian winters.  Christian prayers have been removed from our schools, and this ridiculous Canadian government are giving these 'refugees' warm homes and expense accounts for food.  Now they are being given free computers, supposedly for job training, but of course they can be used to communicate with other terrorists in the Middle East.

Humanity is something we should all display, and I'm sure there are many refugees that are just trying to save their families and remove them from a war-torn country.  I don't mind my tax dollars going to help these unfortunates.  But when they come to Canada and immediately try to change our laws, one piece of straw at a time, disrupt our constitution and force Sharia Law on us; then that is too much.  The ones that don't want to assimilate into Canadian Culture and follow Canadian Laws - ship them home.  They are not true refugees, they are dissidents; and if they have somehow become citizens, they are treasonous.

The religious war has begun, and the sooner we realize it, the sooner we will be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  As a twit on Facebook said the other day, 'All of you armchair commenters sound tough from your computers'.  Armchair commentators can also stand..

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