Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Watch 'The Giver' and see the NWO Shangri-La.

I wonder why the leaders of the NWO create wars, famine, religious conflicts, corruption and infinite world debt?  They have been doing it for centuries, and it appears to be only getting worse.  They promote evil, while ignoring goodness.

Do they really think that people are so stupid that they will KNOW that the root of the worlds turmoil can be saved by those that have created this constant destruction?  If the plan is to create a new world where all people are as ONE, with no religion, no countries, no races, no sexes; what is the ultimate goal.  They are destroying the atmosphere, the oceans, the forests, the water and everything else that humans need to survive.

Will they rebuild it, or do they have a more sinister plan for humanity?  Are they even human? They seem to feel that they are the gods, and humans are nothing but tiny ants.  It is not the way that normal humans treat others.

Why are they doing this?  What is their intention for humans and the earth?  If they want to end all wars and make all it's citizens one, how is using hatred and war and death going to accomplish this?  It doesn't make sense.  What are they doing?

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